How To Write A book Wonderfully: 10 Tips

How To Write A book Wonderfully: 10 Tips

How to write a book wonderfully? How do i write a book? What is the best way to wrte a book?

Writing a book or the creation of a novel is no little work at all. It takes time, patience, dedication, determination and lots of concentration, and at some point, depending on what you are writing on, some form of in-depth research may be required.

As an author, writing books and even articles, is basically what I do for a living. I get my share of fan emails from people around the world. They praise or criticise my work, yes, but too many of them wish they could write as well.
I have created this article in a bid to help all those who wish to write books of their own but do not know how to go about it.

How To Write A book Wonderfully: 10 Tips

We will now talk about the ten tips on how to write a book wonderfully. Following these tips will help you accomplish just that. However, there is something to take into consideration first.

Things Have Changed.

Yes, indeed, things have changed. Once upon a time, one needed a pen and lots of paper to actually ‘write’ a book, even a typewriter. But not anymore. All you need now is a personal computer and you’re good to go. On your PC must be found the following software…
  1. Microsoft Word (2010 edition or above)
  2. At least two different Dictionaries
  3. Encyclopedia
  4. Grammar Editing Software
  5. Google Chrome
These software or book writing tools are very important for the creation and editing of a book, even a novel. An author or a writer cannot do without any one of these tools
We have talked about the use of these tools in another article which is to be found here. Now, we will learn how to create that book, or rather that novel, for the first time, the first draft, which we edit and modify into a finished work. This is the hard part, the initial creation of the book — and it can take weeks, months or even years. Once you have your book in the first draft, editing or modifying it can take just a few days or even hours.

How To Write A book Wonderfully: 10 Tips

Now here it comes… how to write a book the right way. Ideally, a novel.

1. Find a very quiet place you can concentrate completely

This is the first and most important step in writing a book. You cannot write well or even project your thoughts correctly with all manner of distractions around you. This is one reason professional authors always have separate homes or retreats for the sole purpose of writing and these are located far away from the cities and out in the peaceful countryside. Some even use a lock-up study or soundproof room. Find a very quiet place to be alone and think, your mind will amaze you with its creative abilities.

2. Do Not Copy From Others

Copying from others effectively kills ‘your work‘. Never will you find an author who achieved fame by stealing the works of others. Fame never comes from plagiarism only bad reputations do. If you steal another person’s work and sweat and then get even slightly well-known by it, someday, somehow, you will be found out and all will be lost. All the major online bookstores now have automatic plagiarism checking software that tracks such things on a worldwide scale even after their human team have accessed your book. Beware and be warned.
How To Write A book Wonderfully: 10 Tips

3. Always Be Original

Use your own ideas and not that of other authors or writers. This is the only way you can be original, having your own style to stand you out. Scan newspapers, magazines, television and other shows for real-life stories. Find something in there and build a story around it. The result is a unique work which will always be yours.
How To Write A book Wonderfully: 10 Tips

4. Write A Story You Will Want To Read The Most.

Never write a story because you feel it would be a bestseller. Do not write to make Grandma Anna proud. You will get bored quickly this way and a lot of mistakes will arise.
Writing about a book you love, the kind you really get lost in…that is how masterpieces are created. The word for this method is passion. If you love reading adventures, then don’t go trying to write a historical romance or a mystery novel. If you do, your inner voice or mind will not respond. Only very few authors are capable of writing anything. I’m one of such and believe me, it is more of a talent.
Write that which you love. Go get your best novel, the one that gets your heart pumping with fire, yes, that very one that wakes you up in the middle of the night, the one you’ve read ten times over but would gladly read again. Put it on one side of your desk and carefully use it as a guide to jumpstart your career in writing.
How To Write A book Wonderfully: 10 Tips

5. Start with a believable character

Avoid creating a flawless and completely perfect character. Such characters do not exist in real life and so robs your work of the distinction of being believable and interesting.
Make your character alive with the complete freedom to surprise you and drive the story in unforeseen directions. If the character is not thrilling and surprising to you, for sure that character will be boring to your readers. Learn to talk to your characters as if they are real people with secrets, skills, and dreams.
How To Write A book Wonderfully: 10 Tips

6. Give that character a convincing problem

This is the foundation or rather the heart of all great novels. The character must have a compelling challenge, something that torments and propels it forward. Device some sort of a conflict, make it a good one and insert your character right in.

7. Always make things happen

No matter how good your characters are, or how great you write, if the fireworks don’t come pretty quick, the story dies a premature death.
Be sure that something really important to the plot is going on at all times. Add other scenes to move the story on in a vital way. How To Write A book Wonderfully: 10 Tips

8. Keep thing believable

Keeping things believable is very important. For example, if you write stories about magical characters, fairies and ghosts who can literally do anything – how believable is that? This only works if you make it believable with regards to the book world.
There must be rules and limits for all that magic and ghostly presence – things that are possible and impossible. An explanatory history and compelling reasons for certain actions should be present. Never ever use cheap tricks in your work but make it baffling and somewhat realistic. Always allow the characters you begin with to solve the problem at the end, never a new character popping in from nowhere. How To Write A book Wonderfully: 10 Tips

9. Never give up your project.

From starting with an empty page to ending with a book of 300 pages, it could take quite a lot of time and hard work to accomplish, believe me. Without determination, you will never make it.
A thousand times will you be tempted to let go but never give up if you want to have a book to your name. Finish that story. Then again work twice as hard to edit and revise it. Do all you can to get it out there in the world and you will be glad you did.
When your new book is rejected by publishers and agents (which will almost happen since it’s your first) fix it and send it out again. While you do this, write another. And then another. Believe me, you will get better every time. The writing business is by no means easy. It took me three books and four years to get where I am now and I’ve still got far to go. How To Write A book Wonderfully: 10 Tips

10. Always ignore the rules

One great thing about writing a book is that you make your own rules. Everyone has got theories and advice on what you should do. Never listen, particularly when it has to do with the way you love to write.
When I started my writing career, I realized that the simple street way of speaking the English Language in the United States suited my work better, just like it did that of great authors like James Hardly Chase and Stephen King, both of whom i drew inspiration from. Of course, there were people who wanted me to ditch that simple style for a grammar packed one but I refused and today, I’m regarded by many as a great writer yet to be discovered, and this is on an international level.
Leave all the rules behind and follow your heart in the creation of your book..that wonderful book! Things will definitely come out better that way including your own share of worldwide fans. How To Write A book Wonderfully: 10 Tips


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