10 Of The Worst Female Criminals In History

Their profiles, victims and trials.

10 Of The Worst Female Criminals In History

It is difficult to believe but shockingly true. The worst female criminals in history, modern history, are remembered for crimes so horrible they make even hardened male criminals cringe!

In this article,  10 Of The Worst Female Criminals In History, we bring you all you need to know about the women who have committed worse crimes than Eve. The less we talk about these horrible crimes openly, the better and so in this article, we’ll provide direct links to the profiles of these women including information on their victims and the chronological events (the cases which got them on the list).

10 Of The Worst Female Criminals In History

Below is a list of these terrible women and their crimes from least to worst. Please do not read on if you are one that is feeble of heart.

10. Andrea Yates

Andrea’s image is the one above.

In 2002, this motherly lady, Andrea Yates was charged and convicted for the murder of three of her five children who turned up drowned in her house the year before. She appealed and in April 2005, that conviction was overturned when this woman was found guilty by the age-old ‘dodge jail’ reason of insanity.

The news outraged so many who felt this woman should be taking her place among the worst female criminals in history but a lot of others felt this was a just outcome in light of her profile. Read the full story here.


9. Cassy Antoney

A 911 call was made to law enforcement agents in Orlando, Florida on June 15, 2008, and a woman named Cindy Anthony, Florida reported that her young daughter, Casey Anthony, had stolen some money and a vehicle. Minutes later, she called back to say that her 2-year-old granddaughter, Casey’s daughter, Caylee Marie Anthony had been missing for over one month.

Cindy Anthony was charged but acquainted of her grandchild’s murder but was found guilty of giving investigators false information. We may not want this woman here on the list of the worst female criminals in history but the question is, why would anyone intentionally mislead the police looking for their dead child?

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8. Wanda Barzee

Wanda Barzee, going by female standards, was one of the worst criminals ever who was also the wife of another of the worst criminals in history. She was the wife of kidnapper Brian David Mitchell and got charged along with him for the kidnapping of Elizabeth Smart in June 2002. Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped right in her home and held captive for over nine months by the Mitchells.

In court, Wanda appeared to the world as a confused looking woman who tried to put herself over as a victim of her husband Mitchell. She often displayed herself as timid or weak before the cameras pointed at her. But in the end, she was found to be as dangerous as Mitchell.

7. Mary Winkler

Mary Winkler was a 32-year-old lady charged with the first-degree murder, the murder of her husband whom she shot dead with a shotgun.

Pastor Matthew Winkler, died on March 22 at his parsonage on the grounds of the Fourth Street Church of Christ in Selmer, Tennessee. Mary Winkler claimed the shooting was a very sad accident and spent just two months in jail. Before you wonder if she belongs here on the list of worst female criminals in history, read the full story here.


6. Lisa Montgomery

On a cold day on December 16, 2004, the corpse of an eight-months pregnant young lady called Bobbie Jo Stinnett was discovered at her home in Skidmore, Missouri by her devastated mother. This woman’s unborn baby had been cut out from her womb. The women arrested, charged and convicted for this terrible crime was Lisa Montgomery. She goes down as one of the worst female criminals ever.

5. Kimberly Trenor

October 29, 2007, was an unforgettable one for a fisherman on an island in Galveston Bay who found a plastic storage box that had washed up on shore containing the body of a two-year-old girl. Police investigators came to call that girl “Baby Grace and the woman charged for her murder was Kimberly Trenor. Read the full story of this woman who cements her place on the list of the worst female criminals ever by this terrible crime.

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4. Melissa Huckaby

Eight-year-old Sandra Cantu vanished from her home on March 27, 2009. She lived with her family in a mobile home park located in Tracy, California. A video surveillance camera last caught footage of her skipping toward the home of her best friend. The woman arrested and convicted for the brutal murder of Sandra was remorseless Melissa Huckaby.

Read the full story of this lady who gets a place as one of the worst female criminals in history.

3. Debra Lafave

Debra Lafave was a lovely 24-year-old middle school teacher who lived with her husband in the region of Tampa, Florida. She was arrested in the month of June 2004 on account of having intercourse numerous times with a 14-year-old boy who was one of her students. Read the full story here.

Her morals are what got her on this list.

2. Tiffany Hall (Special Among The Worst Female Criminals in History)

When the cops say blacks are among the worst criminals ever people cry racism. Well, here is one woman that definitely proved the cops correct.

On Sept. 15, 2006, police in Belleville, Illinois.discovfered the corpse of 23-year-old Jimella Tunstall in an empty parking lot. An autopsy showed that her unborn baby had been cut out from her womb with a common pair of scissors. Her other children were murdered as well, all by one woman.

This lovely black young woman named Tiffany Hall fooled police and everyone until an ordinary slip up with her boyfriend (an army officer on leave) forced her to tell him the truth and he promptly reported her to the police. Get this, at no point in her trial did Tiffany Hall show any sign of remorse. In fact, it got to the stage where people started wondering if she was sane at all. Read for yourself the full Tiffany Hall story.

This lady certainly tops this list of the word female criminal in history.

1. Susan Polk

Susan Polk was arrested, charged and convicted for first-degree murder. She plotted and murdered her 70-year-old rich husband, Frank Polk in the most cold-blooded manner.

Read the story of Susan Polk, and find out exactly why she is number one on this list..



The one thing these women have in common is that they show no remorse for their crimes and often try to deceive people by presenting a weak facade.

Beautiful? Maybe. Gentle? Doubtful. These women are counted among the worst female criminals in history.


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