The Chronicles of the most wicked women in the world, reaching from ancient times to the latter part of the 20th century, are among some of the most fascinating and horrifying stories you can ever read.
A deeper survey of all historical facts about these wicked women points to an amazing lifestyle of power, glamor, wealth and freedom that can never be matched by modern women – the wickedness is still present in the gentle sex but the opportunity to indulge in it on a grand scale, completely unchecked, no longer exists.
Evil likies to live in beautiful houses. The best of such house is the body of a beautiful women?
Indeed, lovely as they come, anyone in this age and time who truly believes that ‘the gentler sex’ is all about love, sweetness, softness and delight, lusciousness and full of bottomless pleasure, kind, forgiving and unable to hurt even a fly as portrayed by most romantic novels and movies, is in for a rude shocker!
Although these women can’t really be compared to their male counterparts in wickedness, they can still be pure evil, ruthless, heartless and bloodthirsty in the worst kind of ways. They are capable of the worst abominations and vile deeds, showing no remorse at any point.
Remarkable is how nature, or rather fate, always seems to throw in endless ambition and beauty together in these wicked women. Indeed, a close look at the most wicked women in the old world is also a close look at some of the most ambitious and beautiful women ever.
Right from biblical and mythological times, these women have been ever-present, wreaking incredible havoc on mankind and bringing misery to so many. Most times they get away with it but sometimes nemesis does catch up with them.
This article is by no means a write up to defame or insult women in general. It is just a deeper examination of history’s darker side as acted out by the gentler sex.

Identities Of Some Of the Most Wicked Women In The World.

Many of us are pretty much familiar with most of the characters about to be mentioned but lack in-debt knowledge as to what they really did to get on the list. This manner of information is not very common and most times it is gotten completely wrong so most people really have no idea how much of history was altered by the wickedness of woman, how much harm has been done and how much blood has been shed.
For instance, some sources hold that the last active queen of Egypt, Cleopatra VIII who is best known simply as Cleopatra, was an Egyptian woman. This is very wrong. Cleopatra was born and raised in Egypt but her family line reaches across the Mediterranean Sea to Macedonia in what is Europe today — Italy to be exact. She is a direct descendant of one of Alexander the Great’s generals, Ptolemy, who took over the rule of Egypt after Alexander’s death and became Ptolemy 1, King or rather Pharaoh of all Egypt. His descendants were mostly raised the Egyptian way but never allowed to intermarry with the Egyptians. *(The royal family of Egypt intermarried among themselves with brother marrying sister etc)
Also, less known is the fact that Queen Cleopatra is the product of incest and partly the cause of the murder of Julius Ceaser by the Senate – she was even in Rome at the time.
Additionally, we’ve all heard of the atrocities committed by Nazi War criminals in the Second world war, but how many know that some of those criminals were women?

Poisons and Wicked Women

From ancient times until today, the use of poison for murder is more associated with women than men. Several of the world’s most wicked women are experts with poisons. They carried some of the deadliest poisons in their rings and hair combs for easy reach!.

Below is a list of the most powerful among the world most wicked women

  1. Queen Cleopatra of Egypt (also called the Queen Harlot by historians)
  2. Sappho the Lesbian
  3. The Harlot Queen Theodora
  4.  Bloody Mary Of England
  5.  The Old Buddha (Tzu Hai, Empress Dowager of Imperial China)

Other Wicked Women

  • Bewitching Beauties
  • German queens of torture in the concentration camps of World War 2
  • Poisonous Beauties.
  • Evil nuns
The life stories of these and other such wicked women will be revealed in a new book series that will soon be published by one of our authors; The most wicked women in History.

What About The Wicked Women in our World Today?

Today, the wickedness still lingers in the gentle gender, of course, a brief search online or in the archive of any newspaper around the world will show you this but the wickedness of woman was certainly more spectacular in the past.

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Since history is all that happened yesterday, in this upcoming book seires, The Most Wicked Women In History, the story of all exceptionally wicked women ever to walk the earth from ancient times to the present will be revealed in detail.

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