The Snarling Black Wolf: Season 1 (Epic Romance Novel)


The Snarling Black Wolf, a thrilling romance novel full of action and history. From the depths of England’s history to that of Scotland. This is story unfolds with a superb touch of fantasy from the master storyteller.

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The Snarling Black Wolf


For common people, England was a hard place to live during the early thirteenth century because it was all about the king and the barons owning it all. The Barons owned all the land and the king owned all the Barons.

King John of England ruled his Barons like a money-sucking tyrant until they rebelled against him. First, they did it legally, by forcing him to sign the Magna Carta, a treaty that took away some of the king’s absolute powers. But that really didn’t work with the cunning tyrant King and so they revolted against him openly.

Faced with a powerful King with a large army, the Barons invited Prince Louis of France, first son, and heir apparent to King Phillip II of France and grandson in law of King Henry II of England, to be ruler over all of England. Prince Louis came across the seas with a large fleet and landed at Kent then went marching across England and into London with a vast army comprising of his armies, the armies of Scotland, which was a French ally at the time, and the armies of the Barons. Their vast armies arrayed themselves to fight against king John of England but the king fled swiftly to his Saxon capital of Winchester.

And it was so that without even a fight, a victories Prince Louis took the throne of England and the Barons wasted little time in crowning him king in St. Paul’s Cathedral to make things official.

The war that followed was called the War of the Barons and it lasted for over one year. King John eventually died in his fortress castle of Dover, leaving behind a little son as heir, Prince Henry.

With the English king’s death, Prince Philip became absolute ruler of England but even he was showing signs of being an even worse despot, a blood and money sucking tyrant! In no time, the greedy Barons had had enough, and suddenly, they remembered that they had another king, a small one who could be controlled and groomed the way they wanted. The Barons hurried to the castle of Devizes and fetched the boy to Gloucester Abbey where they had him crowned king of all England before the Bishop of Winchester and a Pupal Legate. That boy became King Henry, the third of his name.

Most of the Barons rallied around the young king and a furious King Louis went to war against them all, backed by a handful of Barons and their armies, the king of Scotland and his armies, and the armies of Wales.

King Louis and his armies, cut off from France by a south loyal to new King Henry III, suffered a series of defeats that forced the French to withdraw.

The years went by and the little Henry became a grown man, a wise and powerful king too, and the Barons came to fear him even worse than his father. They eventually revolted against him and, as with his father, invited the French, the new King Louis VII of France.

But King Henry did not turn tail and run like his father. Gathering up a vast army of his own, he went to war and eventually smashed the rebels, driving the French right back into the water. After that war, King Henry stripped all the rebel Barons of their land, titles, and armies. Never again where Barons allowed to own private armies. But for the king to maintain a large army at all times some Barons had to have their own army and so only a few trusted Barons were allowed to do so. One of those Barons was the first son of an insignificant Baron of northern England who proved himself self a distinguished fighter and leader in the war. His name was Lord Royce Westwoodmond.

Lord Royce Westwoodmond was among the brave knights who fought by the side of King Henry and afterward, the King gave him new lands and titles that made him one of the three richest and most powerful Baron in England. He had the largest army of all the Barons and his loyal band of knights, the Knights of the Golden Spurs, became the most feared fighters in all England.

England was not yet at rest though. The French still threatened to the south even as the King of Scotland became a huge problem to the north and then there were the Welsh.

The Black Wolf, Lord Royce Westwoodmond, new Duke of Claymore, was dispatched south and he defeated the invading French army completely in mid-spring. From there, the Black wolf marched straight to Wales and proceeded to lay waste to a large part of the county until its king bent the knee before King Henry of England.

At that time, the royal armies of England, under the leadership of the Duke of Norfolk, was losing battle after battle to the Scots in the north. The King had finally had enough and dispatched the Black Wolf, fresh from his victories in Walse, to put an end to it once and for all.

Gathering his vast army, the Black Wolf marched north and hit the Scottish army from four different directions. Within two short months, large tracts of the Scottish borderlands were destroyed and a large part of the Scottish army was dead. None could stand before the Black Wolf.

After several unanswered pleas to France for help, the King of Scotland eventually gathered what was left of his forces and set them up for a final battle against the English armies.

In that battle, which lasted less than half a day, the Scottish armies were heavily defeated and in the great slaughter that followed, they broke and went running away from the English armies.

The Scottish King and his Barons each went running back to their fortified castles to prepare for the terrible vengeance that was sure to follow.

Victory secure, the Black Wolf marched directly into Scotland at the head of a vast English army. There would be no quarter for anyone.

The Snarling Black Wolf

Author’s note

And here begins our story, a historical romance story based on an interesting historical work I came across a long time ago. Courtesy of Autor Eze King Eke, this historical romance and action story will be brought to you live and direct, only on Updates once a week, Wednesdays preferably.

Disclaimer; This work is majorly a work of fiction based on some historical facts. Events or other quotation here are non-factual.


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