In A Strange Land – Short Paranormal Romance Novels

In A Strange Land, a short paranormal romance novel by author Eze King Eke.
  • Title: In A Strange Land
  • Genre: Short Stories, Paranormal, Romance
  • Print book 35 pages
  • 8300 words
  • Author: Eze King Eke

Just as the title implies, this story, at least most of it, took place in a very strange land, but this land is not one that exactly exists in the world you know and yet it does.

It all began with the main character, Richard, a young American engineer who, having broken up with his cheating girlfriend, is in need of another woman to fill the empty vacuum in his heart, but not just any women though. He was now looking for his bride.

His quest leads to an adventure takes him through two worlds, death, and a waking dream.

A short masterpiece of a novel. Strongly recommended for those readers who love plots of mystery, supernatural and romance rolled into one fascinating story.

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In A Strange Land – Short Paranormal Romance Novels

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In A Strange Land – Short Paranormal Romance Novels


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