Ruthless Betrayals – Paranormal Romance Novel


Ruthless Betrayals, a thrilling paranormal romance novel to touch the core of your heart.


  • Title: Ruthless Betrayals
  • 188,000 words
  • 611 pages
  • 32 chapters
  • Classification: Paranormal romance novels
  • Tags: Romance, Supernatural, Evil, Humor, Gangsters, Voodoo, Violence and Vengeance.
  • Publication date: February 28, 2016
  • Author: Eze King Eke


This novel, Ruthless Betrayals was first made public in the literature section the forum Nairaland. Though published as a first draft, unedited and full of errors as it was at the time, the magnificent reviews the author got prompted him to go into full-time writing. You can find the trend and reviews here.


The Story: Ruthless Betrayals (Paranormal Romance)

In all my days of reading romance based novels, I’ve never quite come across one like this. I still end up reading this novel now and then and, each time, find it very difficult believing it’s not really a true life story. The story is simply that realistic. I talked over the issue with the author and he says it only half a true story, perhaps that’s why it’s so real.

Either way, Ruthless Betrayals is a masterpiece! This book is proof positive that writing is a talent and not something that can be achieved by scholastic excellence.

Have you read a James Hadley Chase novel before or even a Stephen King novel? Familiar with the writing styles and storytelling skills of these two all-time bestselling American novelists? Here is an author that has all that talent as a natural.

Don’t let the low profile or humble origins fool you, King Eze’s writing and narration skills are quite fantastic! This book, his first, is a story that’s both shocking and yet full of humor. It’s beautiful and yet often get ugly. The greed and betrayal, the vengeance and violence, the love and sex, the evil and supernatural powers people can possess and the unbelievable lifestyles they live, it’s all so raw and pure, incredible but true like only the most shocking aspects of life can be.


Main Characters

  • Larry Nzeribe, the multi-millionaire business tycoon and playboy.
  • Estella: The heatless beauty with the powers of a witch.
  • Lillian: Another beauty with scary supernatural powers.
  • There are lots of other characters too.


Ruthless Betrayals is a fascinating novel that cannot be put down once started.

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