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Ruthless Betrayals – A Paranormal Romance Novel

Ruthless Betrayals - A Paranormal Romance Novel

Ruthless Betrayals is a thrilling paranormal romance novel that touches the core of your heart and keeps you riveted from the first page to the last. It’s life, raw and pure.

An inspiring real-life story based on a disaster, this book is a must-read for everyone, particularly women.

Book Stats

  • Book Title: Ruthless Betrayals
  • Word Count: 188,000
  • Page Count: 611 pages
  • Chapter Count: 32 chapters
  • Classification: Paranormal romance novel
  • Tags: Romance, Supernatural, Evil, Humor, Gangsters, Violence, Revenge.
  • First Published: February 28, 2016
  • Current Edition: Second (published 2019)
  • Author: Eze King Eke

Ruthless Betrayals – A Paranormal Romance Novel (Review)

In all my days of reading romance novels, I’ve never quite come across one as interesting and captivating as this one. I still end up reading this book again now and then and, each time, find it very difficult to understand why the author chose to classify it as a work of fiction.

Facebook User, Tom Homet

In truth, this book is an inspiring real-life story based on a disaster. A horrible disaster that actually took place in the life of man but transformed, by the author, into a story best described as a masterpiece!

This book is proof positive that writing is a talent and not something that can be achieved by scholastic excellence.

The main personality in the story is a guy of a rich character named Lawrence. The first chapter is dedicated to a quick summary of his interesting life. His fascinating rise from grass to grace, through abject poverty, trials, and crime. Then comes life as a wealthy playboy, a prelude to a terrible error in a marriage that almost resulted in his death.

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Moving on, we have him struggling desperately for survival and recovery on all fronts, financially, spiritually and emotionally. His clique of very spirited friends is on hand to help him scale the hurdles in his path but one particular hurdle proved too much… the sick little baby his crashed marriage left him with.

In his desperate quest for a surrogate mother to take care of the sick child, he stumbles upon an incredibly attractive woman with a captivating character and nature that holds him spellbound from day one.

The trouble was there from the beginning but he could let go. Even later, when he discovers that she possessed mysterious supernatural powers that could destroy him completely, he still couldn’t let go!

Her powers and personality change everything around him.

She changed his life forever. But not without a lot of struggle and a visit by someone from his past.

A person of pure evil who leaves death and bondage behind.

A Paranormal Romance Novel – Ruthless Betrayals

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  1. This story is such a passionate and compelling masterpiece.
    I’ve read it once on okadabooks but I’ll love to read it again


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