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Queens of Dark Crimes Series (Mafia Stories)

The Queens of Dark Crimes series, an explosive story from the dark world of organized crime that reaches across borders and continents, is finally here.

For those who’ve always been searching for the female version of fascinating male-dominated mafia stories such as The Godfather, here is your book!

Let’s give you a breakdown of the story.

  • Series Title: Queens of Dark Crimes
  • Status: Incomplete Series
  • Number of Books in Series: 1 (Currently)
  • Chapters Count (Average Per Book): 25 Chapters
  • Word Count: 43,000
  • Author: Eze King Eke

Queens of Dark Crimes (Mafia Stories)

It all began in the hot humid atmosphere of Florida after a raid on the forest hideout of one of the most powerful Mafia bosses in the United States by a joint task force of the FBI and DEA went wrong too quickly.

That raid led to so many deaths and the escape of the main target along with another female fugitive. The target later turns up dead in a ditch and the young woman he’d been with, the female fugitive, vanishes off the face of the earth. The FBI never found traces of her and the four mafia families who put out contracts on her head came up empty-handed.

More than twenty on, while tracking the movements of five crime kingpins from different countries, including the United States and Italy, INTERPOL agents stumbled upon a shocking discovery…

There was a large new criminal organization based in the Nigerian city of Lagos. A criminal organization so powerful and sophisticated it had swallowed up several others to form an empire that reached beyond international borders and yet managed to go completely undetected by any security agency, foreign and domestic, in more than a decade of operation.

The most shocking aspect of this discovery was that this organization was headed by a woman whose name struck fear in the heart of every man in the crime world.

No one knew her real name and there was no photo of her anywhere. To the police and security agencies, she was a ghost, a powerful one.

To the few members of the crime world who had beheld her stunning beauty and ruthlessness, she was simply Madam T.

To many, she was death itself.

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Madam T had many enemies but none of them bothered her too much. Her empire was secure and her lovely daughter, her chosen successor, was already making a name for herself.

No, nothing bothered her, except the Colosseum, a group of very powerful Mafia dons who tolerated no rivals, least of all a woman!

Get this book today and enter a world where organized crime is a family business. A place where women and hardened men battle for survival and power, where beauty, sex, money, violence, and blackmail are weapons wielded with utter ruthlessness.

Read the Queens of Dark Crimes Series.

Book Availability

Only the first book of the Queens of Dark Crimes Series has been published at this time. It’s 44,000 words in 32 chapters. You are welcome to read the first 10 chapters by following the link below

Download Queens of Dark Crime.

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You can get the full book, both the eBook and paperback versions, on Amazon alone for now. Kindle Unlimited subscribers can also get it from January 01 to March 31, 2020. After this period, it will be made available on other book stories like Okadabooks, Nook, and Apple iBooks.

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Enjoy the most thrilling mafia stories from the Queens of Dark Crime Series!


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