Queens of Dark Crimes Chapter 7 ..Season 1 (The security man)

The security man ….. Continued from the previous episode


It was just after sundown Christmas day and the all-new multi-million dollar La Tomenta nightclub, now complete, was a massive structure ablaze with colorful lights of all kinds along the Lekki superhighway. Some adjourning land had been acquired and annexed directly to the already vast ground of the nightclub, still, there wasn’t enough space for the high number of cars belonging to the visitors flocking there for the big musical concert billed to take place that night.

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By eight O’clock, the whole place was packed and the normal heavy security measures were in full effect; powerfully built men in dark suits were all over the place

At about eight-thirty that evening, a new green Volkswagen Tuareg jeep turned off the highway onto the brightly lit wide street in front of the nightclub and joined the long line of expensive cars moving slowly through the wide entrance gates into the spacious grounds. There were already a lot of vehicles parked all along the wide street and the only space seemed to be within the spacious grounds of the nightclub itself.

Once in through the gates, with the help of uniformed traffic controllers posted at strategic points, the Tuareg jeep found some space at the furthermost section of the grounds and parked carefully. Moments later, a tall powerfully built man dressed in a black designer shirt, trousers and shoes got out and made his way towards the vast entrance of the nightclub building where a number of VIPs were pulling up in their chauffeur-driven luxury cars.

Like all top nightclubs, the heavily guarded entrance of La Tomenta was divided into two sections, one of which was a cordoned-off red-carpeted zone. Recognized VIPs, wealthy club members and celebrities, went straight in through the red-carpeted zone but the rest of the guests, the crowd of regular people, had to stand in line to go through the tight security in place at the second zone.

The tall man in the dark clothes didn’t join the crowds. He walked straight over to the VIP section and a huge giant of a man in a smart dark suit promptly stepped up to block his way.

Another man of average build with an air of authority, also dressed in a smart dark suit, stepped up with a frown on his face as he eyed the visitor up and down.

“This entrance is for VIPs only. You need to move over to that section and join one of the queues.” He waved a hand over at the other section where the long lines of people stood.

“I’m a guest of Miss Benson’s,” said the visitor calmly.

The man’s frown deepened and he eyed the visitor up and down again then waved another man in a dark suit over. The new man had a large screen computer device in his hands.

The two men spoke together briefly and the new man checked his computer device quickly, then shook his head.

The authoritative man turned back to the visitor and shook his head dismissively.

“I’m sorry, Miss Benson is not expecting anyone tonight,” he said and pointed. “You’ll have to join the lines or leave.”

The huge man took a threatening step closer to the visitor and fixed his hard eyes on him to drive home the point

“She will want to see me,” said the visitor calmly, unmoved. “Tell her it’s Special Agent Kenneth of the Department of State Security.”

The three security men froze at the mention of the deadly secret police. The huge man stepped back from the visitor and the man who had been speaking with authority turned away at once, put his hand to the right side of his head and began to talk quickly into a hidden communication device.

The tall visitor stood and waited patiently.

To Be Continued…..
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