How To Pray To God and Be Heard

Here we have a new book but its a Christain prayer book this time, “How to pray to God and always be heard
  • Title: How To Pray To God and Be Heard
  • Sub Title: The Power Of Prayers done Right
  • Genre: Prayer book, Christain books
  • Print book: 102 pages
  • 15,300 words
  • Author: Rev. Ezekiel King
People ask: what are the best times to pray? How exactly is it done? What about normal morning and evening prayers? Why is it that I have been praying for so long but my problems never go away? I’m so sad I cannot talk so how do I pray to God?
All the question above can be rephrased as one… “how do I pray to God and be heard?” Your answer is this book… How To Pray To God and Be Heard: The Power Of Prayers done Right
This book gives us a whole new insight into prayers. It’s not just about saying the words! Let’s take a peek at the summary of this book for better understanding.

How To Pray To God and Be Heard: The Power Of Prayers done Right

Too many prayer books and religious organizations lay emphasis on daily prayers, but none teaches ‘how to pray to God and always be heard each and every time’. This is basically turning all your daily prayers into answered prayers!

Knowing how to utter the perfect words in daily prayers or never missing evening and morning prayers each day is no guarantee that the living God will hear.

Prayers have no rules and so just about anyone can do it. However, there are some factors that determine if at all those prayers reach God. The most important of these factors is having ‘a clean heart’ and any real Christian knows exactly why, but unknown to many are other very important reasons.

I use a very good prayer book for daily prayers but never get results! I’ve been praying to God for so long, but my troubles never leave! When should I observe my morning prayers to get answers? When is the best time to pray for my loved ones? I’m so upset I cannot speak the words, so how do I offer my prayers and plea to God? I’ve been praying with extracts from the bible book of the Palms for years but got no answers.

In this book, How To Pray To God and Be Heard: The Power Of Prayers done Right, Rev. EZEKIEL KING, a man of God blessed with wisdom, the gift of prophecy and spiritual perception, straightens you out and answers all question.

This amazing book shows you HOW How To Pray To God and Be Heard: The Power Of Prayers done Right. Once this knowledge is acquired, the mind automatically connects with the living God each time we pray!


These are what you get in this book.

  • Knowledge of God’s home and true nature
  • The varying levels of existence in the supernatural realm.
  • The reason why your prayers are ineffective.
  • The best times to pray in times of need or trouble: Evening prayers, Mooring prayers, prayers for healing, even thanksgiving prayers… when and how to use them.
  • The best times for prayers in time of peace: evening prayers, morning prayers,  thanksgiving prayers.
  • Methods and Power packed prayers against the powers of evil.
  • The prayer patterns of holy men of God through time: Jesus Christ, the apostles, ancient and modern prophets.
  • The best Bible extracts suiting to prayers in every condition.
  • The power of prayers done in the correct way: Case studies and testimonies, ancient and modern case.


And there’s more! Basically, this book is the key that unlocks all other prayer books and religious teaching on prayers. They teach you what to say in prayer but this book shows you how best to say it and when in order to get God’s full attention.

This is the book, HOW TO PRAY TO GOD AND ALWAYS BE HEARD: TURNING YOUR DAILY PRAYERS TO ANSWERED PRAYERS, that brings big changes in your life.


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How To Pray To God and Be Heard: The Power Of Prayers done Right

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Second edition: How To Pray To God and Be Heard: The Power Of Prayers done Right
That’s about it folks. I strongly recommended this book to every true Christian out there.  If you have any issues do Contact Us.
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