The Last Amazon Warrior Women – A Thrilling Novel Series


The tale of the last Amazon Warrior Women, the novel, is a very fascinating one that can only be woven by a master author and storyteller.

  • Full Title: The Last Amazon Warrior Women 
  • Fiction
  • Genre: Military action, terrorism, adventure, history, legends
  • Number of Books in series: 3
  • Published: October 2018
  • Author: Eze King Eke


What we have here is another fascinating book from a master storyteller and it’s more than just a novel. It’s packed with fascinating history, thrilling legends, amazing reality, and captivating fantasy.

This novel is best described as an ancient myth that came to life. A tale that began on a dark continent a long time ago but continued into present time undiscovered until something happened…

It’s all about action and adventure, mythology and legend, love and sex, magic and witchcraft, terrorism and espionage, the ancients vs the modern, a game of thrones and more… But it all began with the insatiable greed of the French colonial government hundreds of years ago which robbed an entire nation of their ancestral homeland and freedom. And thus was born a legend, the legend of the Amazon warrior women who rebelled against the rule of men.

Today, little evidence and historical records of the Amazon warrior women is left in existence anywhere but author Eze King Eke has managed to get his hands on enough to make a forgotten legend come alive.

That legend has become this book, The last Amazon Warrior Women Series.

  • Series Title: The last Amazon Warrior Women
  • Book 1: Merchants of Death
  • Book 2: The Demon Daughters of Blood and Death
  • Book 3: The Spy and the Emerald Witch


Each of those titles above tells you what the novel is about but trust me, they don’t tell even half the story! I had to read all three books of this series, then out of curiosity, checked out some actual jhistorical facts.

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This is exactly what the author did. He took actual historical facts, threw in fascinating myths and legends, and blended it all together into the perfect story.

The result? This book, a masterpiece!

From CIA headquarters in Maryland USA to an American Warships cruising in the Atlantic Ocean, from the hell of war-torn Libya to the terrorist ravaged West Africa lands. From the forbidden mountains of Northern Cameroon to the deadly desert lands of Chad where it’s a death sentence to be an American, the action is endless, the adventure keeps one captivated and the suspense is tormenting.

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With the author’s permission, I have decided to post some extracts of this story for you to read and understand exactly how interesting this series is.

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The Last Amazon Warrior Women – Spoilers

Part 1

A unit of the Amazon warrior women promptly attacked and beheaded every living thing in two outlying villages of Porto Novo flying the French flag. They wrapped the heads of the chiefs of those villages in the flags and sent them off to the French stronghold, a fort built by the sea…

… Engines growling with extra power, the two jeeps hit the stream, driving straight through into the swamp beyond, pushed on through the bush-covered deep mud and emerged onto dry land again on the opposite bank to find themselves at the beginning of a well-hidden road. They drove down the road for about a hundred yards, turned a corner and abruptly ran into a roadblock where none should be.

Several long wooden bamboo poles were placed across the dirt road, supported on either end by large oil drums. Six Boko Haram terrorists manned the post; they stood there in the road behind the bamboo poles, all dressed in military camouflage uniforms with red masks over their heads, their AK-47 assault rifle at the ready in their hands.

They opened fire on the two jeeps on sight.


Extracts from Part 2

….The terrorists stayed in a loose wide circle around the women and none of them was willing to attack first. They seemed nervous, scared. The warrior women stood their ground firmly and unmoving, eyes watchful, waiting for the attack to begin.

It was a standoff that didn’t last.

With a loud cry, one of the terrorists charged forward with his sharp machete held high above his head to strike, but met the solid barrier of a metal shield shoved into his face and the follow-up battle ax blow took off his head effortlessly, sending it rolling in the dust with the corpse still standing. The warrior lifted a leg and pushed the headless corpse out of the way to face the next attacker.

…Vincent thought fast, then nodded and looked back at the queen.

“Very well,” he said. “We will go as soon as it pleases your majesty.”

“It pleases me that you go the day after tomorrow, leader of the strangers from the east, for tomorrow is a day of celebration among my people and you shall be my guest during the night feast. There shall be no work done in all the land tomorrow and so you shall rest from the labor of training my warriors. I thank thee for the work already done for it will bring new changes that will make my warriors better. Perhaps one day you shall return to us and do even more than you have already done. I give you the right of the road for as long as you live for the sight of you is very pleasing to me.”


Extracts from Part 3

“Good, you have a go.”

“Copy that, Ground Squirrel. Standby.”

The three jets dropped out of the sky like stones, falling straight down towards the ground in a dead dive. They leveled off at two thousand feet and started spitting fire at the valley and its network of underground tunnels.

….Kolu already had the trumpet in his hand. He put it to his mouth and blew it. He began with a low-pitched sound, then blow it high and very loud.

The sound flooded through the dark valley maximized to deafening pitch by the echoes bouncing off the surrounding rock walls.

“Avakaaaaaa!!!” came the answering shout from six thousand female throats on the other side of the valley and the sound of the battle seemed to increase immediately.


Sample Chapters

The first 6 Chapters of this book are available on this site as sample chapters. Start reading from the link below.

The Last Amazon Warrior Women Book 1 – Chapter 1

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The Last Amazon Warrior Women – A Thrilling Novel Series

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The Last Amazon Warrior Women – A Thrilling Novel Series

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Final Word

This book is strongly recommended to all readers of quality novels.

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The Last Amazon Warrior Women – A Thrilling Novel Series


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