The Last Amazon Warrior Women Book 1 – Chapter 4


The Last Amazon Warrior Women Book 1 – Merchants of War – Chapter 4                       Men in Military camouflage outfits invade.



The village wasn’t on any map, but it was right there like it had been for three hundred years.

Situated in a remote corner of the rugged southwestern border of the Republic of Chad with the Cameroons, the village was very poor and small, just a cluster of primitive mud huts with thatched roofs sitting at the bottom of the lofty hills that rose up like a high wall all along the border with the flat open plains of the dry Sahel Savannah stretching away from its base eastward to the horizon.

It was late evening and the setting sun in the cloudless blue western sky beyond the towering hills threw their massive shadow over the small village like a dark blanket. A few shabbily clothed natives, including playing children, could be seen moving around in the village and off to one side, a small herd of cattle and other livestock stood around, waiting patiently for nightfall and then sleep.

All was peaceful in the village and nothing moved anywhere on the hills or the vast sunbaked plains.

The two big, heavy-duty trucks came out of the distant northeastern horizon, driving fast across the flat, sun-baked plains in a cloud of dust. They were heading directly towards the village.

A cry of alarm went up in the village at the sight of the approaching vehicles and pandemonium broke loose. People began to run helter-skelter, mothers called for their children and men yelled at their wives, everybody was yelling at the young girls and in a minute, the village was completely deserted. Everyone had vanished into the huts and closed the wooden doors tightly.

A group of four huts stood together in a wide clearing surrounded by sparse grassy vegetation about a hundred yards off to one side of the village and it was there the two trucks headed.

As the dust-covered trucks pulled to a final halt before the huts, five black African men in military camouflage uniforms stood waiting to meet them. Four of the five men wore red masks over their head and were armed with AK-47 rifles, but the fifth man who stood at their head was neither masked nor armed. He was their leader.

Several well-armed Arab men, also in military camouflage outfits, jumped down from the trucks and spread out, looking around for signs of danger. One of them, a tall, well-built man who had gotten out of the cabin of the first truck, approached the group of five African men directly. He was the only unarmed Arab in the party and clearly the leader.

The African leader moved forward to meet the Arab leader and the two men embraced each other warmly in the Muslim Brotherhood fashion. Stepping apart, they spoke together briefly with the familiarity of old friends and then the African leader turned and shouted out an order towards one of the huts, waving his arm impatiently.

Two more Africans in military camouflage outfits and red masks emerged from the hut, staggering under the weight of a large stainless-steel box, their AK-47 rifles slung over their shoulders. They carried the box over to their leader and set it down carefully on the ground before him, then backed away.

The African leader bent and worked the complicated lock on the box, got the lid open and stood back, gesturing for the Arab to inspect its contents.

The Arab didn’t. He turned and called out an order towards the trucks and one of his own men started forward at once, pushing a white man roughly ahead of him.

The white man was dressed in a dirty gray shirt, trousers and boots, with a pair of steel-rimmed spectacles over his eyes and carried a black briefcase in one hand. He was an elderly man in his late fifties and his unkempt brown hair and beards were graying.
As the white man came up, the Arab leader gestured him at the open box with a wave of his arm.

Without a word, the white man knelt down by the open stainless-steel box, adjusting the spectacles properly over his eyes as he surveyed its contents. He set his briefcase down flat on the ground carefully and opened it.

The briefcase was an expensive science toolkit of a specialized kind and the inside was lined with advanced science instruments of different sorts.

Taking out a pair of white gloves from a side compartment of the case, the elderly white man began to put them on as he turned his attention fully to the box. The inside of the stainless-steel box was like that of a crate of wine, there were rows of neat stainless-steel bottles with very narrow mouths. The white man picked out one bottle with his gloved hand and examined it carefully; he read the long label on it, which bore a bold red danger sign. Satisfied, he carefully worked open the small mouth, then picked out a slim test tube from the open briefcase by his side and poured in a tiny amount of the bottle’s liquid content. The liquid was colorless in the clear glass test tube.

The white man pressed the cover of the bottle quickly closed again with the thumb of the hand that held it and replaced it in the box, then reached into the open briefcase and picked up a small metal container in the shape of an eyedrop. With a brief shake of the metal container, he unscrewed its mouth with the fingers of that hand and carefully added a single drop of its colorless content to the colorless liquid in the test tube, holding everything well away from himself as he did it.

The mixture intently turned dark blue and began to give off vapor.
The elderly white man looked up at the Arab leader and nodded once.

The Arab leader turned to his African companion, all smiles now. The two men embraced each other again and began to talk even as two of the Arabs came forward to carry away the box to one of the trucks. The African leader gestured over to one side of the wide clearing where four women were already setting out wooden chairs and tables for a feast.
There were food and refreshment for everyone.

As the Arabs followed their host over to the feast, taking their prisoner with them, their leader moved off to one side to make a call on his satellite phone.
It was a short call but it went outside the continent of Africa to the Middle-East.

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