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Amazon kindle unlimited books from Kingreads
Kindle unlimited books

Are you a subscriber to the Kindle unlimited books library over at Amazon? We at kingreads have a few nice books to offer you.

For those who do not know or understand what kindle unlimited is all about, we’ll be putting together a detailed article on the subject soon. In this article, however, we present a list of all current Kindle Unlimited books from Kingreads.

Please, keep in mind that kingreads is a relative newcomer to the publishing sector and so the number of books we can boast of in the kindle unlimited books library are not many. But we promise they will grow greatly and soon.


kindle Unlimited Books From Kingreads

Outlined below are all kindle unlimited books from Kingreads. Brief information is given about each book as well as direct links to them in the Kindle store. Also included are links to the full reviews of each book on this website, and there can be found ASINs and more links to the books on other Amazon stores.

Note: All books published by Kingreads come in both digital and paperback format. All necessary information is present on each book’s review page on this website.


Fiction Books

Here we have our novels and other fiction books. At the moment, the list is short, but we will be adding all the novels of a thrilling adventure series to it within days or before mid-June at most.

1. In A Strange Land *(A Novel – Adventure, Paranormal, Romance)

This is a short paranormal romance story with a touch of adventure and romance. Read the full book review here.

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2. The Last Amazon Warrior Women

Here we got a novel that’s unlike most. It’s a thrilling story packed with action and adventure, mixed in with history, myth and legend. There’s love, sex, magic, witchcraft and… get this…. a lost tribe made up entirely of women!

Read full blog review here and get links to all the books in the series.

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Non Fiction Books

Listed below are our non-fiction books.

1. The Yurt *(Adventure and Travel)

A tale of adventure into the ancient lands of central Asia where shepherds still dwell in amazing traditional homes known as Yurts.

This book gives you an insight into what the ancient lands of the mighty Mongols that once conquered all the known world was and still is today. Read the full blog review here

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kindle Unlimited Books From Kingreads

2. Urine Colors and What They Say About Your Health *(Health)

The book is exactly what the title implies. Here, Dr. Laura Zeaman gives an interpretation of the different colors of human urine in relation to the body’s health.

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3. Weird and Amazing Facts About French History and Culture *(Travel and History)

The author of this book is also that of The Yurt. This book gives you a whole lot of information about France, which is both interesting and helpful if you want to visit that country. Read the book review here.

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4. 17 Beautiful Countries of the World that Hate Visitors and Tourist

This is a very interesting book about tourism, tradition, and culture, racism, politics and religious persecution, all of which bring the death penalty to visitors and tourists in certain countries. Read the full book review here. Below is the Amazon link.


Christian Books (Kindle Unlimited books)

This section lists our Christian books on Kindle unlimited.

1. Unmasking and Defeating Demons

A book with over 150 questions and answers about demons. Each question is a topic in its own right. Read the full book review here.

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2. Creation vs Evolution

This book, simply put, is the Bible book of Genesis explained in detail. Read full bonk review here.

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Wrapping Up

They are not that many books, right? Yeah, we know. We’ll add to them with time as we convince more of our authors to enroll their books in the kindle unlimited books program. The thing to understand here is that this program doesn’t favor authors financially but readers and so most authors are very reluctant to run with it.

One of our authors is coming up with a thrilling new history story series. We hope to convince him to get it in the Kindle Unlimited Books library. From the little I have read, it will be an international hit.

Stay with us.


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