Healing Power of Fresh Breast Milk: A Mum’s Experience

Healing Power of Fresh Breast Milk: A Mum's Experience

Healing Power of Fresh Breast Milk: …human breast milk

For any illness afflicting us or our loved ones, we go running off to a doctor or a drugstore for treatment. Not many people look to natural cures and yet nature offers an abundance of them, many of which are far better than anything available in the hospital or drugstore!

This is particularly so when it has to do with substances produced by the human body such as fresh breast milk, a secret of nature our resident health expert, Dr. Laura Zeaman, has been telling us about for some time now.

Well, a Britsh mum of two has now stepped forward to tell the world how she cured her children’s terrible skin conditions just by bathing them in her fresh breast milk!


Fresh Breast Milk To The Rescue

According to 27-year-old Lizzie Dempsey from Southampton, England, she decided to start inter-mixing her fresh breast milk with the warm bath water of her kids to help soothe and heal the ugly dry patches of skin all over their bodies.

Human breast milk in water is an age-old remedy for skin conditions in parts of the Orient.

Her decision came after trying a long list of lotions and creams, none of which worked. On the other hand, the fresh breast milk oozing from her breasts wiped out the symptoms of the skin afflictions of her kids, George, two, and Isla, her nine months old baby.

Supported by her husband, she started giving her kids weekly baths and, get this, she now recommends this method to all mothers as a safe and easy way to cure all skin infections in children.

The Power Of Fresh Breast Milk

According to Lizzie, her first son, George, was born totally healthy in the month of December 2015 but developed some patches of dry skin on his stomach weeks later. At first, she tried to get rid of the problem – later confirmed as eczema – with different types of lotions and creams, but none worked.

And that was how she turned to fellow moms on social media for advice. She’s into Facebook groups and there, found that lots of members had tried fresh breast milk baths. They recommended them to her.

Lizzies say her local midwife suggested it as well and it also kept coming up in searches on the web. She finally made the decision to use the Fresh Brest Milk therapy on George when he was eight weeks old, she gave him his first bath then!



Lizzie says she was surprised at the speed the therapy worked and so she never stopped. It became a weekly routine, bathing her kids in water laced with her own fresh breast milk.

The result?


“It gave them super soft skin each and every time” said Lizzie in awe.

Healing Power of Fresh Breast Milk: …human breast milk

Lizzie’s Human Breast Milk Preservation Methods

In other to indulge in the weekly routine of bathing her kids in water laced with her own fresh breast milk, Lizzie had to find a way around the delicate process of preserving human breast milk.

Her solution?

She expresses and freezes an extra supply of her fresh breast milk for the baths. When the time for the baths are due, she adds about 6oz a time to ordinary warm bath water and swirls it till the water turns a soft white color.


“I sometimes add some lavender oil during bedtime baths to make it particularly relaxing.’ says Lizzie


Her baby, George, was cured of his eczema within weeks.

After the birth of her second child, daughter Isla, in September 2017, Lizzie soon noticed the same skin condition as well.

She promptly hit it with her special fresh breast milk baths and it was soon history! It was at this time she went public with the information.


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‘The baths helped gave her soft clear skin, something that these chemical loaded bubble baths can never do.”


The Odd Side Effect Of Fresh Breast Milk Baths

As baby Isla neared six months, Lizzie’s milk supply began to fall, and the child had to be supplemented with the usual formula feeds to ensure she was well nourished.

‘Sadly, that brought an end to our breastfeeding journey. Isla preferred the bottle from there on and refused to bother with her mother’s dropping fresh breast milk supplies.

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Lizzie used the last bit of frozen fresh breast milk left to give her child one last bath in April, adding some roses and taking pictures to treasure the memories. The child loved them all. 

Healing Power of Fresh Breast Milk: …human breast milk

The Strange Effect Of Fresh Breast Milk Baths

When asked about her take on the psychological effects of the fresh breast milk bathers on her children, Lizzies quickly lists them as follows.


  1. It relaxed the child more.
  2. Being in mom’s fresh breast milk seems to make the child a lot happier.
  3. When given at bedtime, it made them sleep longer and smoother.
  4. Strengthened the mother-child bond.

Healing Power of Fresh Breast Milk: …human breast milk

How Does Human Breast Milk Help Eczema? 

With a high content of complementary components full of natural antimicrobial agents, human breast milk is a naturally powerful substance that provides both nutrition for infants as well as protection against all manner of infections and diseases.

Some of these antimicrobial agents present in human breast milk include antibodies, lysozymes, polymorphonuclear leukocytes, all of which can treat a wide range of skin infections by killing off the bacteria that cause them, this is in addition to having anti-inflammatory effects.

Healing Power of Fresh Breast Milk: …human breast milk

Wrapping Up

A lot of experienced medical professionals have found that human breast milk also possesses wound healing properties, so our Dr. Zeaman says. Interestingly, in different third world lands where access to proper health care is rare when a child gets hurt the mom simply employs an age-old traditional healing procedure by squeezing some of her fresh breast milk into the wound and that’s it!

Healing Power of Fresh Breast Milk: …human breast milk


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