How To Find Products On Amazon Marketplace

How To Find Products On Amazon

How To Find Products On Amazon marketplace

Amazon is huge and that is putting things mildly. It is the largest retail store in the world and there, one can buy just about anything at a reasonable price.

In an age where all things are getting computerized and the internet is king, Amazon is entirely accessible online. A lot of people refer to it as an online shopping center and with good reason too as it literarily features millions of goods under a vast array of categories. Amazon marketplace

In the face of such numberless abundance, many people want to know how to find specific products on Amazon and that is what we reveal in this article.

How To Find Products On Amazon marketplace

The  Amazon Marketplace

Due to the different laws in the different geo-economic regions of the world, and to reach more customers too, Amazon, a US firm in origin, has formed near independent branches (or subsidiaries) in a number of nations such as Britain, India, Canada, Japan etc. Amazon marketplace

For example, we have the parent Amazon company, which is simply known online as or Amazon USA, and then there’s Amazon Canada, Amazon UK, Amazon Denmark, Amazon France, Amazon Germany, Amazon Mexico, Amazon India, Amazon Australia, and several other branches as well.

All these subsidiaries are collectively referred to as the Amazon marketplace. They are one and the same Amazon universal platform.

People in certain regions of the world, such as third world lands like Africa where a dedicated Amazon platform does not exist, are not left out of the buying frenzy. The only problem is that they have to buy their product mainly on Amazon USA, which is basically anyway, pay in dollars via PayPal etc, and have the items shipped directly to their homes.

But what about those living in countries where an Amazon store exists? What happens when someone in the UK or Japan clicks on a link leading to Amazon USA?

Finding products on Amazon marketplace

Amazon Marketplace Redirects

If your country of residence has a dedicated Amazon Platform, depending on your IP address, you are redirected there with a single click to purchase the product of your desire. However, this is not always the case and we are left with the annoying job of finding that product ourselves on our local Amazon platform where we can make payments at convenience in the local currency.

How To Find Products On Amazon marketplace

How The Amazon Marketplace Works For Searches

Once you visit any Amazon website, finding whatever you need might seem somewhat easy given that all product categories are listed on the left side of the page with a bold search bar at the top.

However, when you type in a word or phrase into the bar, tons of products instantly pop up and you are faced with the problem of sorting through an infinite number of pages to find what you are looking for.

How To Find Products On Amazon marketplace

Never fear, we will now show you a simple way to find any product on Amazon with pinpoint precision.

Finding products Amazon marketplace

How to find any product on The Amazon Marketplace

As pointed out before, entering the name of a book or product in the search bar on any Amazon website and hitting the search button is no guarantee that you will find exactly what you are looking for. In fact, the opposite will be the case.

For example, searching for a book like ‘Genesis: Origin of Mankind‘ will give you hundreds of results including genesis knife, genesis cosmetics of all kinds and household products. If you are smart enough to narrow down your search to the Kindle ebook category, chances are that you will find quite a number of pages to look through. Amazon is simply that huge.

Finding products on Amazon marketplace

How To Find Products With Pinpoint Accuracy

Finding products with pinpoint accuracy in this huge store is what we wanna know, right? To do this, you must know the product’s ASIN number. No product on Amazon is without a unique identifying number. Be it a book, toolkit, movie, dress, shoes, jewelry, machine, etc, every one of them has a specially issued ASIN number.

How To Find Products On Amazon marketplace

What is an ASIN number?

Amazon assigns a unique set of identification numbers known as ASIN to every single product put up for sale on its platform. Hence, you can find an item by its identification number on any Amazon platform, be it Amazon USA, Amazon UK, Amazon Japan or Amazon India etc. (the entire Amazon marketplace)

Let’s take one of my books, for example, a thrilling military action/adventure novel. Amazon Marketplace

A Billionaire’s Ransom book 1…… ASIN: B075LT9H9T

Amazon marketplace

The unique ASPN number of this book on Amazon is B075LT9H9T. To find it on any Amazon platform (the entire Amazon marketplace), just visit and enter the ASIN number into the search bar, hit search and there is your book. See the image below.

How To Find Products On Amazon Marketplace

The Amazon site
Just enter the ASIN in the search bar and hit search

How To Find Products On Amazon


Amazon marketplace

Wrapping up

It’s all sounds so easy, right? It actually is, but do make sure you are registered and logged into your Amazon account to buy the book or whatever product you are after. Amazon marketplace

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