A Doctors Diary of Items Removed From People’s Ass


Another book has been published by Kingreads and it by a new author! A Doctors Diary, it’s called, and that’s an apt name indeed.

First, before the full review, let’s get an overview of the book.

  • Main Title: A Doctor’s Diary
  • Sub Title: Tales of Items Removed From People’s Ass
  • Genre: Health & Short Stories
  • Word Count: 6,600
  • Page Count:48
  • Book Availability: All Major Bookstores
  • Author: Henry Winters (MD)

The author, a retired American surgeon, is an old friend of our own Dr. Zeaman, who’s published several books with us, which is how we got our hands on this book in the first place.

At first glance, A Doctors Diary doesn’t look like much of a read. I mean it’s not a good-sized book, it rather small, just forty-eight pages long, and it’s got a boiled egg on the front cover, for heavens! But then, I sat down and I read it.

I’m a fast reader or like to think so at least, and I got through this book in about one hour, but then had to read it again and it took me more than one hour this time. Why? Because the story was so shocking and weird, yet so interesting I had to pause and digest the information after reading parts of it. This is actually one of those stories you wish never ends as you get through it and yet it must. Rather quickly at that.

So what is A Doctors diary all about?

This book, A Doctors Diary, is a series of short stories oriented around the emergency room of a large hospital in New York City, USA. The senior surgeon in charge gives a first-hand narration of some of the most bizarre cases ever dealt with there. And get this, it all had to do with the crazy things people had jammed up their ass! The one exception to this up-the-ass pattern of tales is the first story which opens the book, but it’s no less shocking all the others.

Normally, you would think only critically injured or sick people visit a hospital’s emergency room, right? A Doctors Diary by Henry Winters (MD) reveals a hidden and very shocking angle to the matter.

The crazy things people get stuck up their ass; how it happened, the affected people’s reaction and the solution. The different stories in this book, though shocking, is the secret way many people live their lives!

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A Doctors Diary of Items Removed From People’s Ass

Book Availability: A Doctors Diary

This book is already on sale on all major bookstores around the world inducing Amazon, Nook, Apple iBooks, Kobo, BARNES & NOBLE, 24 symbols, Scribd, Tolino, Playstar, oneDrive, Baker and Taylor and Bibliotheca.


The digital and paperback versions of A Doctors Diary are both available on Amazon.

Digital Version

Amazon USA Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07N5NLTZW


Do you use another Amazon platform other than Amazon USA? No worries. Clicking on the link above should redirect you to the book on your local platform. However, if this does not happen, just search for the book on your local platform with the ASIN number given above. For more detail on how to find books with ASIN numbers read this article How to find products on Amazon.

A Doctors Diary of Items Removed From People’s Ass

Other Bookstores

To purchase A Doctors Diary on other bookstores please follow the universal link below.

Universal Link: https://books2read.com/u/mg2LRK

Wrapping Up

And this brings us to the end of the review for A Doctors Diary. When you purchase it, please do not forget to leave an honest review for us. We would very much appreciate this.

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