The Shocking Diary Of A Doctor: Weird Stories of Items Removed From people’s Ass (True sex stories)


We are back and this time our book, The Shocking Diary of a Doctor, is a cross between the health and sexuality genres – a collection of several true sex stories, but hey, there are ot5her interesting angles to it.

Let’s get a breakdown of things to see exactly what’s in the book.

  • Title: The Shocking Diary of a Doctor
  • Subtitle: Weird Stories of Items Removed From People’s Ass
  • Genre: Health / Sexuality / Humor
  • Word Count: 42,934
  • Page Count: 70
  • Availability: All BookStores
  • Format: Digital and Paperback
  • Edition: Second
  • Author: Henry Winters


The first edition of this book can bed found here.


Full Book Review

This is a very unique book in that it’s not your regular kind of medical book or novel. It’s a collection of short stories, true sex stories, centered around the emergency rooms of different hospitals in the United States mostly – tales of people who come in with items stuck up their ass due to strange sex acts or even normal sex gone terribly wrong. There’s even an angle about drug mules.

Henry Winters is a retired American author who, in this book, tells of the worst up-the-bum cases he has ever come across in his carrier which spanned four decades.

You are not ready for this book!

In a moment, we’ll share some pictures and stories from it to show you why but first, let’s see where we can get the full book if we want to.


Book Availability

This book, The shocking Diary Of A Doctor: Weird Stories of Items Removed from people’s Ass, is available on both Amazon and other bookstores around the world — Apple iBooks, Nook, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, etc..


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This book is also available for purchase on a lot of other bookstores such as iBooks, Kobo, Nook, Google Play, etc. The universal link below takes you to the book’s D2D page where the links to these book stores have been assembled all in one place by the publishing firm Book2Read.

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The Shocking Diary of a Doctor: Weird Stories of Items Removed from People’s Ass (True Sex Stories)

There are lots of amazing stories in this book such as the New York gentleman who came into the hospital with a bed leg suck up his ass and the story he had to offer as to how it got in there. From the woman with multiple vibrators stuck in her to a man with a boiled egg stuck deep in his ass, a drug mule a staggering amouth of hard drugs in wrappers stuck in his ass… you’ll never believe the kind of things people have used to please themselves and gotten stuck in them. Also, you’ll never believe the number of people that find anal sex pleasurable, hence the accidents while pleasuring themselves. The book reveals the tricks and secret lives of people in a very open way that is hard to believe.

Below are some extracts from the book.

1. The School Teacher

One of the most fascinating stories in this book is that of a young British teacher who got a vibrator stuck so deep in her ass she had to undergo speedy surgery at a specialist hospital. How did the vibrator get in there? Who put it in? What’s the story? Where did it happen?

The book will answer all these questions as it tells you the full story, but we can only share photos of the patient as provided by the author, Dr. Winters. Below are pictures connected to the story.

The Patient after a successful surgery (The Shocking Diary Of a Doctor)
The patient is one of the few to ever waive her right s to anonymity
Patient poses with the vibrator that had bee removed from her as (Image after recovery from surgery) (True Sex Stories)
Patient and Boyfriend pose together *(After surgery Images) Credit Media

True Sex Stories

2. The Batteries

Here is an x-ray connected to a very amusing story of a man who had a dildo stuck up his ass. ‘Doctor Charge the batteries!!!”

Dildo in a man’s ass.


3. This one is about the link between grandpa and decades of missing shampoo bottles in the home. Grandma was horrified to see this x-ray.

The Shampoo angle.


4. The Apple Butt

This one is about the apple up a man’s ass. An apple is good for your health. Seems this guy thought it was good for his ass too.

The Apple But *(The Shocking Diary of A Doctor)


5. The Light Bulb

Believe it or leave it, but this one had a big light bulb up his ass! The X-ray below shows its position within the patient but the book will tell you the story.

The light bulb in the ass.


There are a lot of other stories where these four come from and the objects involved will horrify you. I could go on and on, but then the author will have my head so you’ll have to buy the book and read things for yourself. All the stories and images are in there so get yuour copy and knock yourself out.

The full purchase information for the book has already been given above.


Rounding Up

As stated earlier, only the book can give you a full report of these stories and a whole lot of other tales too.

The Shocking Diary of a Doctor: Weird Stories of Items Removed from People’s Ass (True Sex Stories), feel free to get a copy from your famovirt bookstore.

Don’t forget to leave a review there. Reviews are nice but better still they can get you a free book on our give away days or at special book launches.


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