Queens Of Dark Crimes Chapter 6 …Season 4 (Helen)

Helen… Continued From Previous Episode
Kenneth walked into his hotel room and froze in his tracks.
Sitting there in the big armchair was the last woman on earth he wanted to see and she was all alone.
Kenneth checked the lock on the door again, from the inside this time. It still didn’t look like it had been picked. He pushed the door closed and walked in.
The woman was watching him now. She wore smooth fitting white jeans, black high heels, black and white designer top. Her big wide hips and shapely thick thighs filled the chair up attractively. Her rich black hair fell freely down her shoulders, framing a lovely face that had haunted his wildest dreams for so many lonely night and years. She completely relaxed in the big chair, her legs elegantly crossed, one over the other, hands clasped in her lap. She was very composed, so cool and so beautiful…  but far more dangerous than a man-eating leopard, this he knew that well enough now.

Kenneth bumped up his guard and level of alertness as he stopped in the middle of the room and faced her.

“How did you get in here?” he asked calmly, waving a hand at the door.
Helen smiled mockingly at him. “You’re the cop and I’m the criminal with a thousand tricks. Why don’t you figure it out and arrest me? You would find that really thrilling, wouldn’t you? Having me all handcuffed and helpless in your power?”
Kenneth took a deep steadying breath and let it out. “I’m not with the DSS anymore. I quit,”
Helen nodded. “So I heard. Mind telling why?”
“Why don’t you first tell me who and who are working for you and your people in the organization?”
Helen lifted a lovely arched eyebrow. “So that’s why you really quit?”
“I have my reasons which are of no concern to you. What do you want?”
Helen shook her head at him disapprovingly. “Aren’t you being a bit rude, Kenneth?”
“Rude? You broke into my room, remember?”
“Actually, I had my men persuade the hotel owner nicely to let me in here himself.” Helen frowned. “Perhaps you’re not pleased to see me?”
Kenneth sighed. “Helen, what do you really want from me?”
“I bring you an offer from my people and I want you to accept it,” said Helen at once. She hadn’t moved, still sat crossed legged and completely relaxed in the big armchair, hands clasped together in her lap.
“What offer?” asked Kenneth frowning.
Helen fixed her lovely eyes on him. “My people have very high opinions of you and as such have taken interest in your activities. They know you are here in Lagos looking for a good job which you failed to find in Port Harcourt. They are offering you that job and it comes with a house, a nice car and a handsome salary in hard currency.”
“I’m an upright person, Helen. I don’t indulge in criminal activities.”
Helen lifted her eyebrows. “You prefer to catch the criminals instead, right?”
Kenneth inclined his head. “Something like that?”
Helen stared at him. “So your answer is a no?”
Kenneth nodded. “I’m afraid so.”
“That’s your final answer?”
Helen looked away from him a moment then back. “You do realize this makes it impossible for anything to happen between us?”
“There was never an us,” said Kenneth. “You made that pretty clear years ago.”
Helen laughed mirthlessly. “Men and their stupidity.”
“What do you mean by that?” asked Kenneth.
Helen glanced at him. “What I mean by that, Kenny, is that my relationship with Adam was the talk of the campus when you wrote me your damn love letter. I mocked you for it, yes, but have you ever stopped to wonder why I never did that in public or to anyone’s hearing? Why I never told anyone of your secret advances, not even my own boyfriend?”
Kenneth stared at her. “Why didn’t you?”
“Good question,” said Helen with satisfaction. She uncrossed her legs, picked up her handbag from the table and got to her feet, heading for the door.
The hotel room was not large and Kenneth stood close to the area of the door. To get to the door Helen had to get by him and as she did, he grabbed her around the waist quickly, pulled her roughly against his body and took her mouth in a kiss.
The kiss was long and deep, laced with the hunger of several years. Kenneth didn’t hold back, he couldn’t. This was the one woman he had ever wanted all his life, ever since he first saw as a freshman in the University of Lagos.
Arms by her side, Helen didn’t resist or respond to the kiss. She allowed herself to be devoured.
Kenneth kissed her until his breath ran out and then he lifted his head to stare into her lovely eyes, breathing in her expensive perfume for air. He kept his arms wrapped around her waist, holding her tightly against his body. She didn’t struggle against him and a part of his mind wondered at his luck.
Helen stared back at him, their faces on the same level, only inches apart. “You are in a different camp from mine. Doing something like this again could get you killed.”
Kenneth sighed and spoke softly, with regret. “I can’t accept your offer. I’m sorry.”
“So am I,” said Helen.

She pushed him away and continued on to the door. She reached it, got it open and walked out without a backward glance.

Kenneth stood in the middle of the room for a long time, staring at the closed door, wondering if he had just lost the one woman he had been after all his adult life.

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