Queens of Dark Crimes … Chapter 6 …. Season 3 (Kenneth)

Kenneth found that he didn’t have to use the toilet before he got going. His stomach was better now.
Mr. Sylvia Lasky lived in Victoria Garden City, the area beyond Lekki which was strictly for the super-rich alone. As Kenneth pulled up before the gates of the large palatial mansion on Clerk Lane in his dust late model Honda, he realized that the woman he was about to meet was a billionaire, but he was used to them, though men mostly, there had been quite a few in the oil business in Port Harcourt.
A uniformed security man at the gates let him into the compound after a few questions and then a fat middle-aged housekeeper let him into the house to meet his new client.
The client was sitting in a lavishly furnished huge living room that looked like it came right out of an interior decorators magazine. Kenneth was a bit surprised to discover that Mrs. Lasky was a white lady. She was a fairly good-looking plump blond in her forties, a British -American, hence her love for tea.
She had Kenneth sit with her drinking tea for nearly an hour as she complained away about her problems. Her beloved cat had gone missing again and her new husband of just one year was already cheating on her but she wasn’t so sure if her housekeeper had started stealing from her purse too, it was just a suspension she wanted thoroughly investigated.
Kenneth searched high and low for nearly two hours before he found the cat locked away in one of the many rooms in the large outbuilding behind the two-story mansion. It was a big white furry cat and it had been locked away with a lot of cat food, which was why it was looking satisfied with life and not ‘mewing’ its head off when Kenneth found it. He returned the cat to its owner and then went off to have a word with the housekeeper.
The fat middle-aged woman was very nice and she denied nothing. She claimed she had only been picking up what she thought was just spare change to her employer here and there. It was much money to her and she needed it to take care of her family as what she was being paid was not enough and her husband had recently lost his job. Kenneth, liking her, advised her to talk to her mistress about a raise rather than continue with the style of picking up change else she would soon be out of a job at all.
By the time Kenneth was done, Mrs. Sylvia wanted to have another cup of tea with him and before they got through with that one, her husband returned from where ever it was he had gone to.
The man was of white extraction like her but at least five years younger, definitely in his thirties. His wife made the introductions, introducing Kenneth as a friend from her club.
As Kenneth shook the man’s hand, the man smiled in a weird kind of way.
Kenneth realized at that moment why Joe had never caught him and why his wife thought he was cheating on her. Joe had been looking in the wrong direction as had Mrs. Sylvia Lasky.
Mr. Raymond Lasky was gay.
Kenneth took his leave of the couple soon after making his last discovery. It was five o’clock in the evening as he drove away from the billionaire mansion and the sun was beginning to set in the western sky. He stopped at a gas station in Victoria Island to fill up his tank and then made a call to Joe to update him.
Joe could handle the difficult part about giving Mrs. Lasky the hard news that the man she had married was actually a woman in the head. If she wanted proof, that was ok. It would be easier to get such proof now that they knew in what direction to look.
Kenneth got back to his hotel at about six o’clock. He got his room key from reception but when he went upstairs to his room, he found the door unlocked and his sharp sense of smell picked up on the faint scent of a distinctly familiar female perfume even before he opened the door.
He glanced up and down the hallway. There was no one around.
Kenneth pushed the door open slowly and went in.
The room was filled with the expansive perfume of a woman and sitting comfortably in the big armchair, watching the flat screen television and drinking wine from a glass, was the last woman on earth he expected to see.
She was alone.

*Action stories of wealthy African women in organized crime*

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  1. After the long recess,its good to have the series back. This just keeps getting and interesting. I hope the updates will be consistent 4rm now on?


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