Queens of Dark Crimes … Chapter 6 …. Season 1

Lagos, Nigeria
One Month Later
Ex-DSS agent Kenneth Broom woke up with a sick feeling in his stomach that Wednesday morning and hurried straight to the toilet.
After spending an unusual amount of time in the toilet, he came back into the room and sat down in the armchair by the bed to think.
Kenneth Brown had been suffering from a strange sort of stomach upset that not only gave him severe discomfort but had him rushing for the toilet ever so often over the last two days. He’d taken several drugs but none seemed to work too well. He was under no illusions about the cause of his predicament. It was a meal he’d eaten at the kiosk of a cheap roadside food vendor just down the road from the hotel he was staying in.
Right after his resignation, Kenneth Brown had been forced to move out of his official residence, a wonderful apartment which had been completely his as a DSS operative. He’d moved into a room at a modest hotel from which he’d launched the hunt for a new job. For three weeks he’d searched high and low for a fitting job but never found anything. None of the big oil companies wanted him, a blowback from his relentless one-man anti-corruption war.  All the big shots in the oil business in Port Harcourt city were corrupt to the eyeballs and he’d been a thorn in their flesh so no one wanted him, no one liked him.
The government didn’t pay that much by way of salary and allowances so Kenneth didn’t have a lot of money saved up. The cost of staying even at an ordinary hotel in an expensive city like Port Harcourt for three weeks had put a big hole in his pocket before he knew it. He’d eventually left the Port Harcourt and driven straight here to Lagos in his old Honda Accord car, the only real property he had.
Once in Lagos, he’d checked into this hotel, a cheap but nice hotel, and cut down even more on expenses by taking his meals at an even cheaper roadside food vendor two streets away. He’d spent the following three days since his arrival trying to track down an old friend who ran a private Security firm of his own before the stomach problems brought him down and confined him to the hotel for two days. It hadn’t stopped him from using his phone, though, and so he’d put out the word to the few friends he had within the state’s law enforcement agencies.
(Port Harcourt, Port Harcourt, Port Harcourt)
Kenneth shifted in his chair and placed a hand on his stomach. The pains were not so bad this morning. the drugs he’d taken yesterday had obviously helped. He would have to take them again but he sure as hell wouldn’t go anywhere near a roadside food vendor again for the rest of his life.
Kenneth had lived in Lagos before. He’d attended the University of Lagos for four years and done a lot of eating at cheap roadside canteens but never once had he had trouble like this.
Could be his stomach had changed or was it just something in the food? It didn’t matter anyway. He would get a good job soon enough and that would be that about money problems and cheap food.
His cell phone on the side table suddenly ran and Kenneth picked it up at once. He saw that it was a strange number but still took the call. Security operative lived for calls from strangers, that was how anonymous tip-offs came.
“Kenneth, my own man!” yelled a happy voice into his ear.
“Is that you, Joe?” asked Kenneth in surprise. The deep voice he was hearing didn’t sound right to his trained ears even though it had been nearly a year since he’d heard from his old friend Joe Colman.
“Sure man, don’t you recognize my voice anymore?”
“You sound like a man who’d gone and swallowed a frog.”
Joe laughed. “Ah, man. It’s really good to hear your voice again.
“And yours too, bro,” said Kenneth. “How did you find me?”
“One of my contacts over at CID headquarters told me a few minutes ago that I was top on the wanted list of a man matching your description. He had your number and so I called right away. What’s up, man? Last I heard you were planted firmly in Port Harcourt with little time for pleasure. What are you doing here in Lagos now?”
“I quit my job three weeks ago, man.”
“For real?”
“Yeah, for real.”
“What happened?”
“It’s a long story, man,” said Kenneth. “Bottom line, I couldn’t take the internal corruption all around me anymore.”
“Now you understand why I retired early to go into business on my own.”
“Yeah, about that. You still need a partner?”
Do I still need a partner?” repeated Joe. “Man I can’t think of anything else I want more in the world right now. I broke up with my last fool of a partner two months ago and business has been on the up and up since then. I can’t handle it all so, yeah, I do need a partner, but only the best like you. I’m done with fools and frauds for good. How soon can you come over to my office so we can talk?”
“I can be on my way in an hour if I only knew where this office was now? You seem to have moved shop three times in the last five months alone, which is why I couldn’t find you easily,”
“Didn’t want to be found too quickly by my former partner either,” said Joe. “Where are you now?”
“A hotel at Ijesha,” replied Kenneth.
“Come to Victoria Island. 1001 Cogar drive. It’s a three-story building, Colman Private Security on the top-floor is what you’re looking for.”
“I will definitely be there before noon.”
“Alright, I will be waiting. See you later then.”
“See you too, man” replied Kenneth.
He got off the phone, put it aside and headed for the bathroom. He needed to use the toilet again and then a shower.

To Be Continued…..
*Action stories of wealthy African women in organized crime*

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