Queens Of Dark Crimes …Chapter 5 … Episode 2

Madam T
The eleven men stayed standing as Madam T walked majestically over to the high-backed chair at the head of the conference table, huge wide hips swinging. Hector was there, holding the chair back from the table for her and she sat down in it gracefully. She made herself comfortable and then gestured vaguely with a nod at the standing men at the table.
“Please, be seated,” she said easily.
As the eleven men sat down, Madam T waved a hand at her nephew and relaxed completely in her chair. Her daughter stood close by her right and Louis, her nephew, to her left. Hector stood directly behind her chair but Bruce and Maxwell had moved further into the room, watching the seated men carefully.
Louis began to speak at once.
“Gentlemen, you are all full partners of the Black Axe Family. For the first time in the three years since this organization was founded, you are all coming together in one place so introductions are in order.” Louis waved a hand at his aunt. “Madam Augustina Benson remains the head of this organization and so each one of you is seated before her according to your rank and standing within the organization.”
Louis paused a moment before going on.
“Seated directly on madam’s left is Chief Biola Philips, the oldest and most powerful partner here. He controls a major portion of west-central Lagos.”
The pot-bellied, well-fed Chief who was in his fifties nodded in acknowledgment.
“Next to him is Chief O.A. Taju. He owns large territories in Abeokuta, Ogun State…. across the table from him is Chief Emeka Peters from Port Harcourt … Next, Alhaji Jubrin Kassim, he controls territories in Kano … Across is Mallam Ibrahim Dauda who holds some territory in Kaduna state … next is Mr. Felix from the Federal capital, Abuja…. “
Each man nodded in acknowledgment to the mention of his name and Louis moved on with his introduction, waving at each man.
“Our eastern partners are Chief Jumbo from Enugu, Chief Patrick from Onitsha …… The new addition are Mr. Franklin Rollins from Accra, Ghana… Don Akpan from Calarbar…. and last is Don Micheal from Ibadan who joined us just two months ago.”
The men all looked at each other.
“Gentlemen, you are eleven in number but as you can see, that is incomplete. There is a vacant chair still left, a vacuum that must be filled for the ultimate goal of this organization to be reached.” Louis pointed at the empty chair at Madam T’s right-hand side. It was between Madam T and Chief Emeka Peters. “Madam will appoint a worthy person to fill that chair now.”
There was silence in the room as all eyes went to Madam T, seated in her chair at the head of the table like it was a throne.
Madam T snapped her fingers at her daughter standing by the side of her chair and pointed at the vacant chair. “Helen, sit down there.”
Helen stepped over to the chair at once and sat down in it.
No one said a word or moved.
Louis spoke. “Gentlemen, Miss Helen Benson is now officially second only to her mother, Madam Augustina Benson. If anyone of you has an objection to Madam’s choice, please give voice to it now or forever remain silent.”
No one spoke or moved.
Madam T leaned forward and placed her arms on the table. Looking around at the men seated before her, She spoke in a cool but authoritative voice.
“The ultimate goal of this organization has always been to become a fully functional syndicate of individual families. That goal had been reached today. Each of you will now form your own family. Give it a fitting name and start expanding your territory. Any and all obstacles you encounter and cannot handle alone will be met with the joint forces of this syndicate. We will be having meetings here every sixty days or anytime there is an emergency with any aspect of our business. No one here is to take on political matters or any aspect of the law enforcement agencies without first consulting with me. You know the rules and they have not changed but you will have more freedom. We will talk about all this later, another day. Today, we celebrate. We celebrate a new dawn, the climax of three years of sacrifice and labor.”
The double doors opened at once and lovely young women in long blue designer dresses and high-heels came in carrying trays laden with glasses of assortments of expensive cocktails. They moved around serving the men their choice of drinks.
Soon everyone had a drink including Madam T and Helen.
“My club is yours, gentlemen, and all you can drink will always be free,” said Madam T, sitting back in her chair and holding up her glass. “Enjoy.”
Grinning from ear to ear, Chief Biola Philips got to his feet, looking around at the seated men.
“To the Black Axe syndicate and a new dawn,” he proposed holding up his glass. “Long live Madam T.”
The men all rose and held up their glasses, joining in the toast.
Long live Madam T.” they roared and drank heartily.
Only Madam T and Helen remained sitting. They sipped at their drinks and watched the men celebrate happily among themselves. It was a new dawn.

To Be Continued…..
*Action stories of wealthy African women in organized crime*

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