Queens of Dark Crimes …Chapter 5 … Episode 1

The Black Axe family



Yet another weekend had come and after three weeks of being shut down for renovations, LA TORMENTA, one of the largest and most exclusive nightclubs in the entire Lagos state, was open again for business.
The renovation work had been rushed but still wasn’t complete. Large parts of the high walls surrounding the entire grounds and the four-story-high large building that was the nightclub itself were still being worked on, but business and the fun-loving wealthy members of the nightclub could wait no longer and so that Friday night, after three weeks and four days of being dark and quiet, LA TORMENTA, sitting proudly in the middle of one and a half acres of beautifully decorated grounds that occupied most of the left side of the wide street leading off the Lekki superhighway, was lit up in a blaze of glory.
Security was very tight and the entire place was locked down; it was more like a presidential protocol. Big men in smart dark suit were crawling all over the place and a few were armed with assault rifles held in plain sight. The long line of cars creeping slowly down the street towards the large entrance gates of the nightclub kept growing as more vehicles pulled off the highway to join it but there was no chaos to anything. Security was in full control and no nonsense was tolerated from anyone. Some cars were searched, others were redirected to a second parking lot across the street while the most expensive cars and all verified members of the nightclub were allowed to drive directly into the grounds where they parked in neat rows.
It was immediately clear to all the guests that ownership of the nightclub had changed hands and the new owners were very serious about business and security. The place was now safer and a whole lot better. Once past all the heavy security and inside the building, they were free to do as they wished in a state-of-the-art hall that of a top class American nightclubs. Even the entertainment lineup had improved; there weren’t just one or two big entertainers on hand now but seven; six top musicians and one top comedian had been engaged for that night alone. By nine o’clock that evening, the main hall of LA TOMENTA and the two upper levels for VIPs were packed to capacity and the night was already in full swing. Things had really changed big time.
The tight security in place around the nightclub wasn’t really there because of the musical event but for something far more important.
For the first time ever, the top leaders of the Black Axe Crime Family were coming together in one place with their queen in attendance and so there could be no slip-ups. A hidden parking area to the rear of the nightclub had been reserved for the visiting crime bosses who arrived in convoys of expensive cars and used a special entrance that led straight up to the top floors of the nightclub which was the domain of their queen.  They went up alone leaving their bodyguards to join up with the security detail around the nightclub. That was the rule. They were one crime family and protecting their queen was the most important thing.
The third floor of the nightclub was a large lounge overlooking the two lower VIP floors and the entire hall on the ground floor which was a sea of humanity. This area was the highest VIP level and it was reserved strictly for the owners of the nightclub and their special guests. This was where the crime bosses were welcomed by a radiantly beautiful club hostess in an expensive long blue dress who sat them down on expensive white leather sofas, provided an endless supply of cocktails from the big bar in one corner and a host of young women for them to pick from.
Most of the crime bosses knew each other very well and mingled freely, chatting happily as they enjoyed themselves. The wine was excellent, the women were better and the din of the music floating up from the hall below was just perfect. It was a wonderful way to kill time as they waited. They were waiting patiently for the summons of their queen.
Soon, a door opened and Louis, Madam T’s nephew and PA walked in. In a few words and gestures, he invited the guests to follow him and did so at once, forgetting all about the music, the women and their drinks. They followed Louis up a short flight of stairs to the fully air-conditioned fourth floor where Madam T had her new office and other rooms. Only her personal bodyguards were allowed here and they were everywhere, standing at ever door and coner, dangerous looking big men in dark suits with the telltale bulges of pistols under their arms
Louis led the men to the end of a wide hallway where four hard faced big men stood guarding a set of shiny brown double doors. The bodyguards eyed each of the visitors closely, searching them visually for concealed weapons or anything suspicious as they followed Louis through the double doors but made no move to stop or touch any of them. These were the full partners that made the Black Axe Crime Family what it was and so were trusted men. Still…..
The sophisticated weapons detector system embedded in the wooden frame of the double doors didn’t go off as the men went through and the bodyguards finally relaxed.
In the large room beyond the double doors was a shiny large mahogany conference table with thirteen high-backed leather chairs around it. There was a gold placard with a name on the table before each chair, eleven placards in all.
“Please, see to your seats, gentlemen,” said Louis moving to stand off to one side, watching.
The eleven men went around quietly, each checking for the placard with his name on it and once found, he took the seat indicated.
In a moment, all eleven men were seated in their places along both sides of the table but the seat at the head of the table and the one on its right-hand side stayed empty. There were no placards there.
Satisfied that all was correct, Louis walked across the room and went out through an inner door, leaving the guests alone
The man sat quietly, looking around them and talking in low tones as they waited patiently. Five minutes later the inner door opened again and a big bodyguard walked into the room.
The big man held the door wide open as Louis walked through and behind him came Helen Benson, big, beautiful and elegant in a floor-length red dress. Next came Bruce, the number one enforcer of the Black Axe Crime Family, watchful and alert, ready to kill. And finally, accompanied closely by her other two top enforcers, Hector and Maxwell, mean looking big men over six feet in height, came Madam Augustina Benson, majestic and beautiful in a floor-length red dress identical to that of her daughter, expensive gold and diamond jewelry flashing in all the right places.
All the men at the table rose to their feet at once. Their queen had finally come.

To Be Continued…..
*Action stories of wealthy African women in organized crime*

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