Queens of Dark Crimes …Chapter 4

Chief Peters

Special Agent Kenneth Brown had been a busy man almost all week.

In the last 4 days since seeing Chief Emeka Peters and Helen Benson together at the Golden Palace Hotel, he’d spent all his time trying to dig up all he could about both of them as he tried to find a connection.

Chief Emeka Peters, formerly known as Tu Green, was a two-bit crook of a university dropout who had come from nothing to become very wealthy in the space of just three years. There were over a dozen criminal cases against both the man known as Tu Green and the one known as Chief Emeka Peters. There were five different police cases against Tu Green, three of them murder cases which were never solved due to a critical lack of willing witnesses. Against Emeka Peters, there were just two cases, both of them complex fraud and money laundering cases involving huge sums of money. They too had gone unsolved as well due to even more critical lack of witnesses.
Clearly, the man who was Tu Green had evolved into a sophisticated crook with more efficient ways to do away with people.
One of the cases Agent Kenneth Brown had worked on in the eighteen months since his transfer from the Abuja office of the DSS to the more volatile Rivers State office, had Chief Peters as a major suspect.
A company belonging to Chief Emeka Peters, Flox Energy Nigeria Limited, had been quietly paid tens of millions of dollars by the Rivers State government for a contract it never executed. A top aide to the governor had brokered the deal despite the fact that it was ridiculously overpriced in the first place. The play out of the whole thing indicated a clear case of money laundering and fraud on the part of the Governor himself, still, the case had gotten nowhere fast. The whistleblower and prime witness in the case, a top worker in one of the state agencies, had died mysteriously in a car accident after his car breaks failed on the highway.
Normally, the DSS, the Department of State Security Service didn’t handle fraud or money laundering cases, that was the job of the EFCC, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, but this one had been pushed up to the DSS because not only had the chief witness in the case died mysteriously but the two EFCC agents investigating the case had also been killed. They had both died on the same day in what looked like a drive-by shooting.
Kenneth and some other agents had worked on the case for a month but got nowhere so it had been passed over to another section of the DSS which handled passive investigations.
Agent Kenneth had dug up all the files on the case now, three large boxes of it, and tunneling through the plateaux of information, he came across a newly added file that tied Chef Emeka Peters to another company, Mobard Investments Nigeria Limited.
Mobard Investments had also received payments from the Rivers State government too but what caught Kenneth’s attention in the new file was the brief summary of the activates of the company … It often hired private jets!
The recent tipoff from INTERPOL about the likely assassination of a governorship aspirant in the elections by a kill squad from Lagos came to mind at once and Kenneth realized he was probably looking at a big break in the case. He contacted Air Traffic authorities at the Port Harcourt International Airport for more information and the report came in within half an hour.
Mobard had hired a private jet on a round trip from Lagos to Port Harcourt twice in the last thirteen months. The first time was about a year ago when the EFCC agents and the whistleblower had been killed, and second had been just weeks ago when the APC governorship aspirant had been blackmailed into stepping down from politics completely, following the kidnapping of his child and mistress.
The airport authorities had no records of the passengers onboard any of the planes since they were private jets on a domestic route and so Kenneth requested ‘all and any’ video footage likely to capture the passengers of both flights within the airport premises.
Next, he turned his attention to Helen Benson, the intelligent rich girl who had been the torment of his heart all through his years at the University Of Lagos. The lovely beauty who, for three years, had laughed at his clumsy attempts to woo her and taunted him at every private opportunity she got but never did it publicly even for one day.
Who was she and how was she connected to a sophisticated criminal like Emeka Peters?

To Be Continued…..
*Action stories of wealthy African women in organized crime*

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