Queens of Dark Crimes …Chapter 4 …Episode 4


Agent Kenneth brown


Agent Kenneth did nothing further about the case.

He locked all the files away in his office and took the weekend off. But not for fun, he had to think, clear his head and think.
Agent Kenneth Brown was twenty-nine years old. He had joined the DSS right after university and the compulsory National Youth service. He had undergone the necessary training and put seven good years of service into the DSS so far. But all that was gone now, meant nothing.
For seven years he had hidden his head under the sand like an ostrich, pretending not to see and trying to overlook the massive corruption that infested the organization he worked for like an incurable virus just like it did the entire country itself and every other government organization. They did some major good at the DSS and so he had been able to live with that …but not anymore.
A situation where criminals know what he was doing right in his office; knew every single move he made, all because of corrupt  DSS agents, that was different. For any agent to get access to the kind of info leaked to Halen Benson about him, the agent had to be high up and most likely inside the operations department, which meant the corruption ran both deep and high. He didn’t even know where to begin to look, didn’t even feel like trying, he was just fed up. He had come up against this corruption crap too often to.be anything else but fed up. He had to think carefully now, clear his mind and think.
What was to be his next move? What was he to do to purge Helen Benson from his system once and for all? If it had been another woman mixed up in this case, however lovely, she and her entire criminal family would be behind bars by now, unable to reach their troublesome lawyers until his investigations were concluded.
But not Helen …. not Helen Benson. Kenneth suddenly realized he wasn’t even thinking of her as a criminal and it made all the angrier. Still, he had to think. He stayed alone and thought for the whole weekend.
By Monday morning, DSS Agent Kenneth Brown had made up his mind. He was in the office before seven o’clock that morning. First, he made duplicate copies of all ‘important’ documents on his computer and sent them to a secret server he used. Next, he created a back door for himself into the DSS database, and then he deleted all files pertaining to Helen Benson and the political kidnap case, he even called airport authority and ordered them to delete all the video footage they had on the case, citing security reasons.
Done, he tidied up his desk and went to see the director.
Madam Augustina Benson got the news from Port Harcourt that same Monday afternoon. She spoke directly with Governor Wilson for over ten minutes and then sent for Helen.
Helen came at once.
Madam T was sitting quietly in the high-backed chair behind the big desk in her air-conditioned study when Helen entered.
“You wanted to see me, mama,” asked Helen coming to stand before the desk.
“Yes.” Madam T eyed her daughter. “What exactly did you tell that DSS agent when you talked with him?”
Helen shrugged. “The truth mostly, that he was working for bad people. He has a nature that doesn’t tolerate certain kind of things, that is aside from his weakness for me.”
Madam T sighed. “It’s not that long ago I started teaching you about wrapping men around your finger and you go and hook one of the stubbornest fishes in the water. I don’t even know whether to congratulate you or feel jealous?”
Helen frowned. “What did he do?”
“According to the governor who thinks we were blackmailing him, he just resigned from the DSS but not before making all evidence pertaining to you and the entire case disappear.”
Helen lifted her arched eyebrows in suprise. “I didn’t even think he would go that far.”
Madam T’s eyes hardened. “Always think of all possibilities. You cannot afford the luxury of surprises in this business, do you understand?”
“Yes, mama,” said Helen quickly.
Madam T relaxed. “Try to see if you can make direct contact with the agent again and offer him a deal to work for us. From what I hear, he’s really good and will defintlely be a huge asset for us.”
“I will do that,” Helen nodded. “Who do you want in charge of security at the nightclub?”
“Hector,” said Madam T at once. “Leave Bruce to do as he pleases he works best that way.”
“I will see to it at once,” said Helen and turned to go.
Helen stopped and turned back to her mother.
“As my powerful right hand, you will require a fitting salary so you have money in your own right. You will start at thirty thousand dollars a month along with certain commissions and a bigger expense account. It will become effective after your official confirmation this weekend. Well done my dear.”
Helen smiled. “Thank you, mama.”
Helen turned and left the office, closing the door gently behind her.

To Be Continued…..
*Action stories of wealthy African women in organized crime*

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