Queens of Dark Crimes …Chapter 4… Episode 3

Agent Kennethh
Agent Kenneth was a bit surprised that his request to Port Harcourt International Airport Authorities didn’t get processed the same day but soon after he got to his office early the next morning, the video footage arrived in his email along with an apology for the delay.
The video was just half an hour long, but it took longer for him to get through it due to close analysis of certain aspects. When he was done, Agent Kenneth found that his hands were trembling and he had lost his appetite for food.
The section of the video pertaining to the private jet which had landed at the airport just weeks ago showed the passengers, seven of them, going through a private security terminal at the airport. The two men flagged by INTERPOL were right there, they were unmistakable, but also there with them was Helen Benson!
She wasn’t there against her will, that was all too clear, the opposite was actually the case. She was there with the men, part of them. They seemed to treat her with a lot of respect and the way they moved, surrounding her closely, it was clear that she was a leader being protected in bodyguard fashion.
Agent Kenneth checked the digital copy of the Interpol file again, the one Interpol had sent to tip his department off. The information in the file said that the two men were definitely highly trained hitmen on the payroll of the Black Axe crime family. But he was looking at four other men, all looking like sophisticated criminals to his trained eyes, complete with smart dark business suits.
Agent Kenneth sat frozen in his chair as the implications played out in his mind. If Helen Benson had shown up and these men were treating her with this much respect, that meant that she wasn’t just their leader, she was a top member of the Black Axe Crime family, a criminal syndicate that was high on the list of INTERPOL and as of last week, that of the DSS too. Helen was about his age, less than thirty; too young to have achieved such lofty standing so quick on her own in a criminal organization full of hardened men. There was only one opinion ….she must be related to the leader of the organization. That she was in Port Harcourt handling a serious issue like a governorship election was proof of that. What role had she even played in the kidnap of the woman and child?
Agent Kenneth realized that all the information both the DSS and INTERPOL had on the Black Axe Crime Family was greatly outdated compared to what he knew now. No one even knew who the real head of the organization was except that it was a woman. There was no photo of the woman anywhere nor was there a hint of any close family …. that was until now.
Agent Kenneth realized that he should be in the director’s office spilling his guts by now so a task force could be set up to move swiftly against such a powerful criminal organization that had already done so much harm in their jurisdiction  … but he hesitated.
He was still watching the video closely when his phone range. He glanced at the lit screen of the Android phone on the desk nearby and saw that it was a strange number. He took the call.
“Hello,” he answered.
“Hi, Kenny,” came a soft and very familiar female voice.
Agent Kenneth felt a strange sensation run through his body, resulting in powerful sexual arousal even as the uneasiness took hold of him.
“Who is this?” he asked.
“You know very well who it is so stop pretending,” said the voice. “I take it you’ve already finished watching the video you got from the authorities at the airport this morning?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” said Agent Kenneth.

“Well, I do,” replied the female voice. “Do you relly know why I never wrote you off completely when we were at school?”

“Why?” asked Agent Kenneth, wishing his heart would behave normally like that of a top security agent.

“Well, you were really smart then but too soft and rather immature, an original do-gooder to boot. Still, that you could clean up to become a very interesting guy was never in doubt. You’ve cleaned up rather nicely now but still very much the do-gooder I see. Kenny, if you really want to do some good then you are in the wrong place.

“What are you talking about?” asked Agent Kenneth.

“I’m trying to tell you nicely that your organization is riddled with corruption and evil, how do you think I know all that you have been up to for the past five days? How do you think I got your private phone number, which is not in any directory? You have watched that video only because I wanted you to. I could have made it disappear at the airport but I didn’t. You wanted to know who I really was, right? Well, now you know, so the question is, what are you going to do about it? Perhaps you’re going to turn me in?”

Agent Kenneth said nothing but he was swating now.

A silent minute passed.

“I’m waiting for an answer, Kenny.” said the voice.

Agent Kenneth took a deep breath and let it out but still said nothing.
“No, I didn’t think you would,” the voice got even softer. “Listen, Kenny, my family is what it is but its life that made me what I am. If you still want a chance with me, you will never get it or even come near me as a DSS operative.”

The line went dead in Agent Kenneth Brown’s ear.

To Be Continued…..
*Action stories of wealthy African women in organized crime*


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