Queens Of Dark Crimes …Chapter 4… Episode 2

The Peters

For Chief Wilson Duke, Executive Governor of Rivers state, the celebration of the recent victory of his party in the governorship elections,  his victory, was something that would go on all week at his private guest house.

His wife and family were overseas and so he was free to do as he pleased. The wine and the girls were in abundant supply, both for him, his friends and trusted aides who were all lodged at the guest house. He had all day to enjoy, every day …. his deputy was running things at the office and soon he would hand over power to his chosen successor which was sure guarantee that he would be well covered for the nearly one billion dollars he had siphoned from the Treasury of the oil-rich state and stashed away overseas over the course of eight years in office.
It was Thursday evening now and the celebrations had been going on for the four days since the elections, which took place over the last weekend. The governor was sprawled out across one of the big black leather sofas in the living room of his private quarters, completely relaxed and satisfied with the world in general, his vast pot belly rising and falling with each breath as he waiting for the new batch of girls to arrive for the night’s enjoyment.
His phone suddenly rang.
The governor checked the phone, saw who it was, sat up at once and took the call.
“Yes,” he said, putting the phone to his ear.
“We have a big problem, sir,” came the response of the Chief of operations of the Rivers State branch of the DSS.
“What kind of problem?”
“One of our top agents has made the connection between you and Chief Peters. He has been digging into the matter for four days now. He just ordered some video footages from Port Harcourt Airport Authorities. It has to do with a private jet coming in from Lagos, does that mean anything to you?”
“Yes, it does. I hoped you stopped him from getting it?”
“I delayed his request for twelve hours. That’s the best I can do, but I’m afraid it won’t help much. This agent is rather highly placed and too persistent, it’s only a matter of time before he starts getting results.”
“What is his name?”
“Special Agent Kenneth Brown. You must have heard of him, he was the one that arrested Senator Festus last year and turned down the huge bribe, He’s completely unreasonable.”
“Yes, I’ve heard of him. Delay as much as you can and leave the rest to me,” said the governor and cut the call.
He made another call right away.

The Benson Mansion, Lekki Peninsula, Lagos

Madam Augustina Benson was in the conference room of her home, seated at the head of the large conference table, talking a few matters over with her daughter and two top enforcers, Bruce and Hector, when her nephew and PA, Louis, came walking in quickly.
“You have Chief Peters calling direct from Port Harcourt on line one,” said Louis to his aunt. “He says it’s very urgent?”
Madam T nodded at the two men seated to her left at the table and they stood up at once and headed for the door.
Helen stayed put in her seat on the right-hand side of her mother.
Louis left with the two men and as the door closed behind them, Madam T sat back in her chair and nodded at her daughter.
Helen reached forward and depressed a button on the speakerphone on the table before them to take the call.
“You are now on speaker, Chief,” said Helen. “My mother is listening in.”
“Good evening, madam,” said Chief Emeka Peters at once.
“Evening, Emeka,” replied Madam T evenly.  “What is the problem.”
“I just got a call from our governor friend, madam. He says his people tell him that a highly-placed DSS agent has started digging into our affairs and asking too many questions.”
“Can’t the agent be bought off?” asked Madam T in annoyance. “Every man has his price.”
“This one can’t be bought off, Madam and he’s really good at his job. He’s taken down three wealthy politicians in the last two years alone and one of them offered him a bribe of one hundred million naira which he turned down. The governor is very upset about this and wants us to take care of it right away.”
“This agent…does his name happen to sound anything like Kenneth Brown?” asked Helen.
“Actually, yes,” replied Chief Emeka Peters.  “How did you know that?”
Madam T raised an arched eyebrow at her daughter inquiringly.
“We used to know each other a few years back, we attended the same university. I ran into him again while in Port Harcourt,” replied Helen in answer to her mother’s unspoken question and then she looked at the phone on the table, speaking towards it. “I suppose he’s looking for me too.”
“Well, in a way, yes,” replied Chief Emeka Peters. “He’s trying to access the airport’s security system and get footage of the arrival and departure of the private jet we hired to bring you and the men over. If he gets his hands on it, he will find you.”
“Then let him get his hands on it,” said Helen.
Excuse me?” came the incredulous reply over the phone.
“You heard me correctly,” said Helen. “Let him get his hands on the footage and see me there, problem solved,”
“Explain your crazy idea, young lady,” said Madam T, sitting forward in her chair, her narrowed eyes on Helen. “How exactly does letting concrete evidence of your presence in Port Harcourt fall into the lap of a dedicated DSS operative help our problem?”
Helen held up her little finger. “I have a very powerful hold over this man, mama, he’s literally tied around my little finger. There’s no way he will go on with this case if he sees me in the middle of that footage. When he hears my voice on phone the case will definitely be dead.”
Madam T’s eyebrow shot upwards. “And if you’re wrong?”
Helen shook her head firmly. “I’m not wrong. I know this man well. I will fix this.”
“Some serious clout you’ve got, Helen,” said Chief Peters with grudging respect.
Madam T sighed and looked at the phone on the table before her. “Emeka, can this man’s moves be closely monitored?”
“Yes, madam, we have the ability in place,” came the prompt reply.
“Then do as Helen says. Watch him closely for negative reactions but stay out of his way. One point of warning. This is a DSS operative, not an ordinary police officer or an EFCC operative. Under no circumstance must he be touched without my knowledge, do you understand?”
“Perfectly, madam.”
“Make sure your Governor friend understands that we are handling this and we don’t want him interfering. He can wait for my bill to arrive.”
“I will notify him at once, madam.”
“Anything else?”
“None, madam.”
Madam T sat back again in her chair.
“Have the agent’s phone number texted to me,” said Helen reaching forward to cut the call.
“Will do,” replied Chief Emeka Peters.
Helen depressed the button on the desk phone, cutting the line.

To Be Continued…..
*Action stories of wealthy African women in organized crime*


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