Queens Of Dark Crimes …Chapter 3… Episode 4

Brown Moved quietly …
It was his kidnapped mistress calling. Dr. Udoh took the call.
“Yes,” he said, as he put the phone to his ear.
“Hello, Dr. Udoh,” said a hard male voice. “How are things going?”
Dr. Udoh felt his blood go cold as ice.
“Who is this please?” he asked carefully.

“Someone who is very concerned about the safety of your secret family, we’ve got them right here with us in our place. They’re a bit scared but I assure you they are fine and unharmed. I must say, though, they’re quite beautiful, both the boy who looks exactly like you and his mother. My boss and I have been looking at them for about half an hour now and wondering if your wife knows about your, eh, how did my boss put it again… right, your co-curricular activities. We were also wondering exactly how much they are worth to you alive and how much you are willing to sacrifice to get them back completely unharmed?”

Dr. Udoh felt the cold sweat break out on his forehead.  “Please, leave them alone. Just tell me what you people want. No matter the amount I will make sure you people get it.”

“Smart man,” said the voice with approval. “I will take you up on the offer, but it is not money we want from you.” said the voice. “We want you to take the simple step of withdrawing from the current elections for personal reasons you cannot disclose. You may run for governor another day, another election, I don’t care, but not this time.”

Dr. Udoh felt the bile rising in his throat. He swallowed hard and forced his voice to sound calm as he spoke. “Please, can’t we…can’t we reach another kind of agreement? If I withdrew from the elections now I’m dead, but I can win it and be in a better position to offer you great things.”

“We don’t need anything else from you. If you don’t withdraw quietly from the elections on personal grounds we will kill your family right here and then your other family overseas. When we are done, we will come after you and no one will be able to protect you. My boss has a saying… a goldfish has no hiding place. You are our goldfish. The election is in seventy-two hours. You have twenty-four hours to make up your mind and then move. Any attempt to involve the police or security agencies won’t help you at all but it will certainly guarantee you will not get your family back again unharmed.”
The line went dead.

Dr. Udoh dropped the phone on the side table and collapsed backward in the armchair dejectedly. He closed his eyes and sat quietly for a long time, trying to think but his mind refused to work. He heard rapid footsteps approaching and opened his eyes again to see Bassey return.

Bassey saw the look of utter defeat on Dr. Udoh’s face and he knew at once. He’d seen the same look many times in the six years he had been doing top-level security work for big politicians. The look always meant that the opposition had them by the balls and disaster wasn’t too far away.

“I take it the kidnappers called?” he asked quietly. It was more of a statement than a question.
Dr. Udoh sighed heavily, picked up his phone from the side table and held it out. “They want me to withdraw quietly from the elections on personal grounds within twenty-four hours or both my families would be killed and then they would come after me. It’s all recorded.”

Bassey went over and took the phone. He replayed the recording and listened carefully to the hard male voice.

“We are dealing with professionals, not common thugs, and the governor or someone in his camp must be behind them, At least we know where exactly  to start looking now.”  Bassey nodded and held out the phone. “You need to talk directly to the senators in Abuja at once.”

Dr. Udoh made no move to take the phone. “I’m afraid they will alert the security agencies at once and that will lead to these people killing my family.”

Bassey shook his head. “That’s not going to happen. There are ways in which thing like these are dealt with and everything is done very quietly. Your situation is not the first, things like these actually happen more often than you think. Talk to Senator Fredrick.”

Dr. Udoh took a deep breath and let out it in a heavy sigh then reached out and took the phone. He speed-dialed and put it to his ear.

The call went straight to Abuja, the seat of the Nigerian government and also the location of the national headquarters of the ruling political party, the APC. It lasted fifteen minutes and right after, another call went from the party’s national headquarters to the national headquarters of the Department of State Security across the city. Within ten minutes a category one flash order from Abuja landed on the desk of the head of the Rivers State branch of the DSS, Senior Special Agent Mike Ayigbe, and seconds later his chief of operations, Special Agent Jude Ibe, got his hands on it,

Chief Wilson, the executive governor of River State had many people in his pocket and one of them was Special Agent Jude Ibe of the DSS. The governor got his hands on the details of the order quickly enough and wasted little time in passing it on. Within minutes Chief Emeka Peter had been warned and he passed the information swiftly on to Helen Benson who gave the orders that had several men swing into action at once.

To Be Continued…..
*Action stories of wealthy African women in organized crime*


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