Queens of Dark Crimes …Chapter 3… Episode 3

Dr. Udoh
Dr. Udoh was sitting relaxed in one of the posh living rooms of his new mansion reading the day’s newspaper when his Chief Security Officer came walking in, his wide powerfully built body moving quickly like a bulldozer, face grim as death.
Dr. Udoh felt the worry rise within him as he watched the man come across the room. He put aside the newspaper and sat up. With the elections around the corner, all kinds of bad things were already happening and it looked like one had happened now.
“Your mistress and son have been kidnapped, sir,” said Bassey, coming up to stand before Dr. Udoh, the man whom he had been hired to protect by powers that be in the ruling political party.
“What?” shouted Dr. Udoh in horror, half out of his chair. “That’s not possible. Your men were supposed to be guarding them.”
“My men are dead, both of them. One gunned down in a park full of people that heard nothing and didn’t even know what went down until it was over. The other man was knifed to death at her house. Your driver has been missing for four hours now so I’m guessing he too is dead but not before giving up information as to where he drives you to each night.”
“God!” exclaimed Dr. Udoh.
“God had nothing to do with this, sir. If only you had listened to me at the beginning we wouldn’t be in this mess right now. Have you been threatened or had reason to feel threatened by the words or gesture of anyone lately? Anyone at all, particularly those from the governor’s camp. Please think well.”
Bassey was in his mid-thirties, an ex-police detective with ten years’ experience under his belt. He understood criminal minds and activities.
Dr. Udo thought quickly then shook his head. “No, I have not been threatened by anyone in any way. And I haven’t spoken to the governor or anyone associated with him in over a month.”
“Alright, sir, you stay put here and keep your phone close. You will definitely be contacted by the kidnappers very soon and it will come directly through your phone. Be sure to set it to record so we can adequately analyze what or whom we are dealing with,” said Bassey. He jerked his thumb over one shoulder..”I need to give my men some quick instructions and then I will right be back with you,”
“What do you think they want?” asked Dr. Udoh anxiously, the fear growing inside him.
Bassey shrugged. “I have no idea, sir, but I hope, for all our sakes, it just money.”
He turned and walked away quickly across the room again, heading for the wide archway on the far side. He disappeared through.
Dr. Udoh collapsed back in the big black leather armchair and covered his face with his hands, now shaky. His worst nightmare was coming alive – big trouble. But it wasn’t just about his political campaign now, it was about his family.
He had only two sons. The older one by his wife was already on the path to become a disappointment in life but this younger one was his second chance and he loved the boy so much. He also loved his beautiful mother.
Angela had been a student of his at the university, one of the few girls he’d had sexual relations with but the only one that reached deeply into him. She had gotten pregnant in her final year and refused to abort it despite being aware that he was nearly twice her age at forty-two and married with four kids. He had eventually taken full responsibly after she gave birth to a lovely son and the relationship had continued. Angel and his son, Adrain, they were his secret family. Everything had worked well for over five years. He had stopped sleeping with his wife long ago but could hardly do without his mistress for more than three days, that was why he never sent her away but kept her within daily reach and increased her security detail.
Clearly, he had made the wrong decision.
His train of thoughts was interrupted by the ringing of his cell phone on the side table. He picked the phone up at once and saw that it was Angela’s line, his mistress. Bassey was nowhere in sight.
Heart beating fast with dread, Dr. Udoh took the call.

To Be Continued…..
*Action stories of wealthy African women in organized crime*


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