Queens of Dark Crimes …Chapter 3… Episode 2

Queens of Dark Crimes (The security man), helen

People!n, people out and people are before people.


Due to all the violence and crime – particularly the kidnapping –  that went on during every election in Rivers state, the participating politicians had a habit of sending their families off to the United States or Britain months in advance. They all had houses in those countries.

Dr. Gabriel Udoh, the governorship candidate of the Action People’s Congress, the APC, knew that defeating the corrupt governor of the state and his chosen candidate, both of the People’s Democratic Party, the PDP, wouldn’t easy, which was why he had sent his entire family, his wife and six kids to the United States months in advance.

Originally a lecturer at the prestigious University of Port Harcourt, Dr. Udoh had become very popular throughout the state with his persistent and very open criticism of the corrupt governor and his government, which, of course, led to his sack from the university and eventual arrest on trumped-up charges.

Dr. Udoh had sued the governor and the government for hundreds of millions at the federal high court and the case had heaped mud on the governor’s reputation on an international scale. After it came to light that Dr. Udoh had turned down beefy cash settlement offered in secret for him to drop the case and shut up, he became famous in the state and beyond even though the government succeeded in deposing it to death — after all, they had the connections.

The national chieftains of the powerful Action People’s Congress, the APC, had a huge problem in Rivers State. They already had the rule of most of the other states in the country including the federal government itself but found breaking the firm hold of the PDP on Rivers State impossible. The fact that Rivers State was the richest state in Nigeria, right after Lagos state, made the whole thing a very bitter pill to swallow. They pumped a lot of money and thugs into every election in that state but, always, somehow, the PDP stayed a step ahead.
But not anymore.

The APC national chieftains had seen in Dr. Udoh, a true messiah, the solution to their twenty-year problem and so had wasted no time in courting him to run for governor of the estate. The party’s money bags had flooded his campaign with loads of cash and it was from there that a mansion in the United States had been purchased for him to send his family to during the elections.

From an ordinary man, Dr. Udoh literally found himself swimming in money overnight. He delivered on his side too. For the first time in decades, the APC found themselves ahead of the PDP in the primaries, and with the elections set to take place in just three days, victory was certain.

It was late Tuesday morning, Port Harcourt time, and Helen was relaxed in the air-conditioned comforts of the main living room of her mother’s luxuriously furnished, new mansion. Dressed in smooth fitting blue jeans and a matching blouse top, she sat comfortably on a long red sofa, reading a fashion magazine when Bruce walked in with Donald, his opposite number in Chief Emeka Peter’s organization.

Given who Helen was, Chief Emeka Peters had assigned his top enforcer and a good number of his best men to do her bidding. The billionaire Chief knew exactly where his bread was buttered.
“We have a problem, miss,” said Bruce with a worried look on his face.

Donald nodded. “We can’t find any traces of Dr.Udoh’s family anywhere. Even his home in the village is empty and no one has seen his old mother in four months. We think he has flown them all out of the country, most politicisms do that here before the elections come around.”

A frown of annoyance touched Helen’s lovely face. “Why didn’t your people pick up on that earlier?”

Donald spread his hands, he was a big man with a barrel chest and huge shoulders. “The man is supposed to be a novice in politics, a school teacher. He’s not supposed to have the kind of enemies that make it necessary to send his family overseas during elections, not this early in his career. I can’t even begin to imagine where he got the money to send them anywhere better than his village, I mean, this guy was living in an old apartment just eight months ago.”

“And now he’s living in a half a billion naira mansion,” said Bruce.

Helen looked thoughtful. “His wife is gone too, right?”
“Yes,” replied Donald.

Bruce nodded. “All of them are gone including his six children and sister.”

Helen thought a moment more. “Look for a mistress he visits often or one of his wife’s relatives. Let’s see what turns up. Move quickly, time is of the essence.”
The two men nodded and hurried off.

About two hours later, Helen was still on the sofa but had transferred her attention to a bottle of expensive fruit wine and the large flat screen television when her phone rang.

It was from Bruce. She answered it at once.

“Yes,” she said.

“We are still trying to track down the wife’s relatives but we found a mistress and from the look of things, she’s no ordinary mistress. She’s got an expensive bungalow uptown, a car and a mean looking driver who seems to be a bodyguard of sorts. We found a photo of her and a little boy at the house. The boy is exactly a carbon copy of the doctor. It’s as clear as day that this is his son.”

“Where is this woman right now?” asked Helen.

“At a playground park with the kid. I have eyes on them and their bodyguard,” replied Bruce.
“Forget the woman’s relatives, these two will do. Take them both.”

“What of their bodyguard?”

“You can invite him for dinner if you don’t know what to do with him.”

Bruce chuckled as the line went dead in his ear.

To Be Continued…..
*Action stories of wealthy African women in organized crime*


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