Queens of Dark Crimes …Chapter 3… Episode 1


A special agent is a special agent in the law but a dead man to criminals.


Port Harcourt, the second largest commercial city in Nigeria, is the nation’s oil capital. It is Nigeria’s version of Houston, Texas, USA, a city built on the limitless wealth of multi-national oil companies.

The magnificent city of Port Harcourt, which is the capital of Rivers State, is located right in the vast delta of the great river Niger, the second largest and longest river in Africa, and it is also bothered by the Atlantic Ocean itself, which guarantees excellent shipping routes for oil tankers. That entire region, both land and sea, is rich with vast reserves of crude oil and natural gas, and Port Harcourt is located right in the geographic center of it all, which is why all the big multi-million-dollar oil companies in Nigeria, local and foreign, have their operational headquarters within the city. Also located in the city are homes for the hundreds of thousands of well-paid workers the oil companies employ.

Not many are aware of the fact that there is more money in circulation in Port Harcourt than any other city in Nigeria, and the entire Africa for that matter, except perhaps for the capital of Angola, which is another oil capital where the US dollar is to be found in abundance, and hence, the exorbitant cost of living.

The money; that was what made Port Harcourt a heaven for corruption and crime at all levels, particularly in the State government. Rivers State has an annual budget that suppressed that of some countries such as Senegal and even diamond producing Serra Lone, but the corruption and massive looting of public funds by greedy politicians within the government ensured that the state never made much progress.

There were many players in the crime world of Port Harcourt but only three were on an elite level. Two of them were among the richest members of the Colosseum while the other was Chief Emeka Peter aka ‘The Merchant’, the richest and the second most important ally of the Black Axe crime family headed by Madam Augustina Benson.

The twenty bedroom luxury mansion Helen Benson and her men went to ground in on arrival in Port Harcourt had been a gift from Fortune Oil and Gas Ltd. to Madam Augustina Benson. It would have required a ton of work and cooperation from the top security agencies of several countries to burrow through layers of shell companies in order to discover that Chief Emeka Peter owned the controlling shares of Fortune Oil and Gas Limited and Holden Investment, the company which had paid for the private jet that secretly flew in the kill squad from Lagos.

Political elections in Rivers state were always marred by violence and bloodshed as politicians, with deadly thugs on their payroll, struggled for positions in the government, which guaranteed vast wealth by means of the looting public funds and collecting fat bribes from cash-rich oil companies. The governorship elections always went down as the worst elections in the state, and with the latest one just around the corner, there was tension in the entire state — the violence and killings had already begun in some areas.

As a universal rule, elite members of the crime world never got mixed up in political matters became the mess that went with it generated unwanted publicity and too much attention from top security agencies on an international level – they left that area to common thugs who the politicians hired a dime a dozen – but sometimes some top politicians who had the right connections and the need to use it, approached elite criminals for special services, which was granted if the stakes were high enough.

Chief Emeka Peter had been secretly approached by intermediaries of the governor of Rivers state and, seeing how high the stakes were, he’d promptly bumped things up to the big boss herself who had accepted but sent her daughter instead of professional hitmen as was expected.

Chief Emeka Peter was uneasy about this but not disheartened. He’d heard the stories about the girl’s accomplishments and unusual abilities and they were amazing, to say the least. More importantly, she had her mother’s full backing, which was something that wasn’t easy to come by, particularly for a mere daughter where the son had failed. The girl had come with three top enforcers and their men, all well-proven soldiers who could start a war and finished things up if need be.

He would wait and see the outcome of all this with his own eyes, decided Chief Emeka. It would certainly be interesting.

Another man in the City who was very upset about the events of the upcoming elections in the state was Senior Special Agent Mike Ayigbe, head of the Rivers State branch of the Department of State Security, the DSS, formally known as the Secret Service and infamously called the secret police. He didn’t have enough men to oversee the statewide election that was sure to be full of mass rigging, violence, and bloodshed. Aggravating matters was the information he had gotten from INTERPOL just days ago, about a likely assassination attempt on one of the governorship aspirants by a little known but highly sophisticated criminal organization.

It was late Wednesday evening and Special Agent Mike was tired but still in his office at the top of the four-story building that was the DSS regional headquarters in Port Harcourt. He had one more meeting left before he could go home.

A knock soon came at his door and then it opened to admit a tall man in a black designer shirt, trousers, and shoes. The man was in his late twenties, fair skinned and good looking with a powerful athletic build and easiness of movement that told of extreme fitness levels.

“Good evening, sir,” said the man, snapping to military attention before Agent Mike’s big desk and saluting smartly.

“Evening, Agent Kenneth, take a seat,” said Mike with a wave of his hand to one of the two chairs in front of the desk.

Kenneth took the seat and faced the older man across the desk.

Special Agent Mike picked up one of the black leather folders to one side of his desk and tossed it across to Agent Kenneth.

“Take a look at that and tell me what you think.”

Agent Kenneth opened the folder and went quickly through the documents within. There wasn’t much of it but sticking out were three different photos of an SUV emerging from the gates of a big white mansion that wasn’t too clear.

“What’s the angle with the SUV?” asked Kenneth with a glance at his boss.

Relaxed back in his executive high-backed chair with his eyes on his best agent, Special Agent Mike Ayigbe spoke. “That SUV belongs to the wife of Governor Wilson’s number two aide, and the house it is emerging from is owned by the head of a highly sophisticated crime ring we had no idea even existed.”

“If we didn’t know, how did we find out?” asked Kenneth, suspicious of the origin and authenticity of the information.

“INTERPOL, level 2 alert.” replied his boss. “They stumbled upon it while tracking an American crime kingpin. Given the closeness of the governorship polls here in Rivers state, they believe that this is an assassination attempt in the making and I’m inclined to agree. The photos of the two men in there are the likely assassins to be sent here, either one of them or both. The trouble is that we can’t find any traces of either one here in Port Harcourt. We’ve had eyes on every single flight in from Lagos and we’ve looked everywhere in this city. Nothing.”

“Doesn’t mean they’re not already here. Perhaps they are even yet to arrive,” said Kenneth, staring down at the photos of the two hard-faced men in the file. They both looked like they belonged in jail and nowhere else.

Special Agent Mike nodded. “Either way, we’re are running out of time to deal effectively with this. The election is next week and we don’t even have enough people to cover it properly. Drop everything you’re doing right now and run with this. Section 4 is already neck deep in the matter, they will brief you on what they know but you are to work independently and work fast. I cannot afford the assassination of a governorship candidate on my watch.”

“Why don’t we just give the case to Amos so he can arrest these people in Lagos and beat the information right out of them? He’s really good at that.”

Agent Mike shook his head. “These people are no ordinary criminals, Agent Kenneth. You may want to be very careful in way from here on. The head of Section 4 is waiting to brief you now.”

“Very good, sir,” Kenneth got to his feet, saluted again, turned and left the room, closing the door behind him.

Special Agent Mike Ayigbe relaxed back in his high-backed chair and breathed easier. If anyone could do something about a dead-end case like this one it was Agent Kenneth Brown, one of the top five best field agents in the DSS. Kenneth had been in Port Harcourt less than a month now and he’s already cracked two cases. He would surely find out something here, all there was to do now was wait.

To Be Continued…..
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