Queens of Dark Crimes ….Chapter 2 …Episode 5


Emmanuel, Emanuel, the name is love… but people know not to love anymore.


Chief Emmanuel Onuoha was a pot-bellied dark man in his fifties. He had been a worried man all day and it was because of the younger of his two sons. The boy had missed a private family meeting earlier that day and wasn’t answering his phone. He had sent men out to look all over for the boy and all they had found was his car, parked by the roadside. There was no sign of the boy anywhere. No one seemed to have seen anything. No one knew anything. But then Johnny called.

After Johnny’s call, Chief Emmanuel was like a mad bull but for the child’s sake, he didn’t go on the attack. Moreover, he knew enough about his new enemy to realize that, though a woman, she was one of the most powerful people in the city.

Chief Emanuel and all the other powerful men who made up the Colosseum had watched this woman, Augustina Benson, grow from the girlfriend of the leader of an irrelevant crime ring to head of one of the largest and most organized criminal organizations in the country, all in the space of ten years and without much help from anyone.

In itself, such an achievement was quite remarkable and the ‘individual’ would have been invited to join the Colosseum, but not in this case. The problem was that the ‘individual’ was a woman and by tradition and principle, the Colosseum was an all men’s club, crime was, after all, a man’s business, women had no stake in it.

The Colosseum was made up of the heads of the thirteen most powerful criminal organizations in the entire country. They had rejected membership application from Madam Augustina Benson twice. They had also rejected several other people over the years and made a lot of enemies in their tyrannical rule of the underworld. Some of those enemies and rejects had been quietly solicited into an alliance with Madam Augustina while others had joined up with her completely. The Colosseum hadn’t figured out what the woman was up to early enough, and by the time it did, it was already too late to do anything about it.

Madam Augustina Benson’s organization had swallowed up too many others, and that had seen her grow so fast to become what she was today.

When Madam Augustina Benson, first moved for Johnny’s nightclub about a year ago, Chief Emmanuel had promptly taken a firm stand against her and, not powerful enough to face him at the time, she had backed down. Since that time, the Colosseum had lost two powerful allies to her and she had made four more. Chief Emmanuel didn’t need to be told that he needed help to fight this woman now and the mere thought of that was maddening.

After the call from Johnny, Chief Emmanuel made another call and it was to the personal line of the chairman of the Colosseum, Don Jonah Dike.

The call was picked up at once.

“Yes,” came the curt answer.

“I need some assistance. That damned woman, Augustina Benson, has kidnapped my son.”
There was brief silence on the other end of the line.
“How sure are you about this?” came the reply finally.

“Very sure,” said Chief Emmanuel. “Her people just paid Johnny a visit with pictures of the boy. Johnny is withdrawing from my protection, which means he’s selling her the club or already has. That bitch is smart, there isn’t a thing I can do right now.”

“Do nothing at all, that woman is too dangerous for you to take on alone. We will fix this ourselves and within twenty-four hours.”

“Very well,” replied Chief Emanuel.

The line went dead.

Chief Emmanuel put his cell phone aside on the sofa on which he sat and looked at his right-hand man and his older son standing before him.in the big living room of his mansion.

“Double the guards on the house and get the men ready but do nothing without my say so. The Colosseum is now handling this directly,”

The two men nodded and turned to leave.


Enosh stopped and turned back to his father at once.

“You are not to step out of this house without my permission,” said the Chief, lifting a warning finger. “Do you understand?”

“Yes, father,” replied the twenty-seven-year-old Enoch.

The two men left the room and Chief Emmanuel was alone. His heart burned with anger and frustration but there was nothing to do but to wait.

It was just past ten o’clock that night and Madam T was seated comfortably on her favorite sofa in her lavishly furnished private living room, sipping wine from a glass and watching a movie on the big flat screen T.V. She was expecting the Colosseum to react swiftly after her daughter’s masterstroke, which effectively rendered Chief Emmanuel as helpless as the puppy he was, the fool!

The Colosseum would reach out to her now and try to make peace, it was their way of handling other powerful people of their kind though they wouldn’t admit it, particularly given that she was a woman.

Madam T smiled to herself and continued to sip at her glass of wine. Her phone soon rang, but it wasn’t the one man in the Colosseum she wanted to hear from, still, it was one she knew well and respected greatly.

Smart move from Jonah, she thought and took the call.

“Don Alberto,” said Madam T delightedly. “Good evening, sir.”

“Good evening, Tina, my dear. How are you?” replied the elderly Don, head of one of the ten most powerful crime organizations in the country, the third most powerful man in the Colosseum.

“I’m fine, sir. It’s been so long,”

“Yes. indeed. I’ve been rather busy with business all this while and there was no need for me to worry about you. How are the children?”

They are just fine, sir.”

“Good. What is this I’m hearing about you kidnapping Chief Emmanuel Onuoha’s son?”

“That wasn’t me. It was Helen.”

“So, I hear,” The Don sighed. “It’s amazing how fast children of these days grow up but the good thing about it is that they never really take important steps without us parents knowing it, isn’t that so?”


“I hope the boy is safe and unharmed?”

“He is.”

“I would like to come and visit you early tomorrow morning if you don’t mind.”

“My house is always yours, sir.”

“Thank you, my dear. It’s always so pleasant to speak with you and even better seeing you. Do enjoy your beauty sleep tonight.”

Madam T laughed. “You have a good night too, sir.”
The line went dead and Madam T lowered the phone from her ear, smiling. She thought a moment, then dialed and put the phone back to her ear. The call was picked up at once.
“Yes, mama,” came Helen’s voice at once.

“Where are you now?” asked Madam T.

“I’m almost home.”

“Once you get home the men will want to report back to me like I ordered them to. Don’t allow them to do so. Dismiss them. They must learn that you now hold power with my complete approval.”

“Okay, mama. Thank you.”

“You did very well tonight, my dear. A lot of powerful men have now become aware of you. I’m very proud of you.”

“Thank you, mama.”

Madam T cut the line. She got up from the sofa and headed off for her bedroom to sleep. Tomorrow was an important day.

To Be Continued…..
*Action stories of wealthy African women in organized crime*


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