Queens of Dark Crimes Chapter 2 …Episode 4

Johnny… the Johnny kill man Johnny.


La Tormenta was a top-class night club right there in the paradise of Lekki. It was a large high building situated on a private street just off the super highway running through the length of the peninsula and could clearly be seen all lit up like a Christmas tree each night.

As with most top-class nightclubs in this high brew section of Lagos, membership at La Tormenta was strictly for the rich, VIPs and celebrity class but the place was such a hit that a lot of other people who could afford it was always standing in line to get in. This Wednesday night was no different.

The two black cars, a big Toyota Camry and a Mercedes S-class rolled up to the crowded wide entrance of La Tormenta and four big powerfully built men in suits jumped out from them. One of the men got the rear door of the second car open, the Mercedes, and a lovely light skinned woman climbed out. Big in build and very curvy, she was dressed in a black long sleeve top, jeans and calf-high boots, lovely long black hair falling freely all over her shoulders.
Helen looked around. She hadn’t been to the nightclub before but saw at once why her mother wanted it. The place was quite big and clearly very popular with the rich – even with a large parking lot across the street, the cars still overflowed, causing traffic confusion all along the street. And it wasn’t yet nine ‘clock, she thought.
The place was positioned just right, it was on the highway and yet not quite there. The brightly lit wide entrance to the building itself was clear for arriving members and visiting VIPs, most of whom were allowed to drive right up in their expensive chauffeur driven cars, but the less privileged people stood in lines to one side where they were being thoroughly checked by tough looking security men in dark suits.
Helen saw that two other expensive cars had already pulled up behind hers, headlamps flashing as they waited to drop off their wealthy owners directly at the entrance to the nightclub. It must be an event night, she thought and headed for the wide front doors. Her men closed up around her at once, Bruce by her side.
The two black cars drove off at once to find parking space somewhere.
Helen wasn’t a member of the club and so as she approached the cordoned off area that was the VIP entrance with her men, several security men in dark suits stepped in the way to stop them. Quick registration and a token payment was the solution for visiting VIPs.
Bruce took off his dark glasses and moved ahead.
The men recognized Bruce at once and cleared out of the way quickly. They were small fry and they knew it.
As the group walked past towards the doors, one of security man put a hand to the communication device stuck in his ear and began to talk urgently.
The huge hall of the nightclub was crowded but the four big men had no problem clearing a wide path for Helen through to the VIP section. People got out of their way fast, even the nightclub’s security people who were at strategic points.
The VIP section was one floor up, an area with private booths and tables. There were just a few people there. Bruce led Helen straight over to a booth where she could get a good view of the higher floor where Johnny’s special guests were entertained. A wide flight of stairs led up there and two big men in suits stood at the foot of it.
Helen sat alone in the booth with her men standing around her protectively. A uniformed waiter hurried up quickly with a flute of Champagne, the standard welcoming drink for VIPs. Helen accepted the drink, waved the waiter away and sat back with her eyes glued to the upper floor. She began to sip at her drink, waiting.
In a minute, a man in dark designer shirt and trousers came hurrying down the stairs from the upper floor. He went straight over to the booth and had a quiet word with Bruce. Both men turned to Helen.
“This is Maxwell, Johnny’s right-hand man,” said Bruce. “He says Johnny has invited us upstairs to join him at his personal booth.”
Without a word, Helen put aside her drink and stood up. Maxwell led the way and she followed. Her men closed up around her protectively. They went up the stairs to the upper floor, a big area overlooking the main hall. The guests, expensively-dressed men and women, were seated at well-spaced out booths – sofa-like seats closely arranged around low tables with bottles of wine atop them. Jonny had a whole section to himself, four big white leather sofas arranged around in a square. Dressed in a white shirt and trousers, he sat comfortably relaxed on the longest sofa, two lovely women on either side of him, bottles of expensive wine on the low table before of him.
Jonny was a well-built man in his early forties who kept himself very fit due to regular workouts both in the gym and in bed with his endless supply of women. Despite all the drinking, Johnny’s brain always stayed sharp and as his eyes took in the curvy big beauty that was his visitor, he felt danger not desire. He knew the men surrounding her well, he’s seen them around another lovely but older woman and that encounter hadn’t ended well at all. Several of his men were already on their feet and others were moving into the area, all alert. Maxwell had a worried look on his face as he led the group over.
Johnny snapped his fingers and the girls left him at once, half running as they moved away to another section. Jonney kept his eyes on the approaching women and the feeling of danger in his belly got worse.
“Hello, Johnny,” said Bruce with familiarity as he came up ahead of Helen. “My number two boss wishes to have words with you. She’s my boss’s daughter too so I would listen very carefully if I were you.”
Without waiting for an invitation, Helen sat down on the sofa directly across from Johnny, crossing her legs and fixing him with her cool lovely eyes. Bruce walked over to the low table before Johnny and helped himself to a bottle of wine then went to sit down on the other sofa next to Helen’s. He bit the cork off the bottle and took a drink directly from it as he eyed Johnny with interest, the old desire to kill him rising swiftly within his chest. The men with stood around the sofa on which Helen and he was close enough to her too. They were greatly outnumbered by Johnny’s men who stood all around, every last one of them armed with a pistol in their suit jacket, but Bruce wasn’t worried at all. Johnny wouldn’t try anything, he knew the terrible consequence all too well.
Johnny took his hateful gaze from Bruce and fixed it on the woman.
“What do you want?” he asked, trying his best to be nice.
“I want to make you a final offer for this club,” said the woman coolly.
“I made myself perfectly clear to your mother the last time,” replied Johnny. “My club is not for sale.”
The woman inclined her head slightly. “Perhaps, but everything has a price, every man his price. I’m here to pay you your price for this club and it’s one you can’t resist,” said the woman. “We’re now tabling a twenty-five percent increase on our initial offer. In addition to this, you get to walk away alive and even take your cute baby mama and little daughter with you.”
Johnny’s face darkened with anger and hate. He tried to place the age of this woman. She couldn’t be more than thirty yet so disrespectful and full of herself, exactly like her damn mother.
“Listen, young lady,” said Johnny, sitting forward. “I don’t know what the hell you think you can do but you are wasting your time. I can’t be touched, period. Go and ask your mother why if this fool wasn’t wise enough to enlighten you beforehand.”
Johnny waved a hand over at Bruce.
Bruce didn’t move a muscle.
The woman didn’t even blink or look away from him. “I know well of your connections to Chief Emanuel Onuoha, which is why I took care of it before coming here.”
Bruce took out a phone from his suit jacket and tossed it at Maxwell standing next to Johnny’s sofa. Maxwell caught the phone easily.
“Check out the on-screen photos,” said Bruce with a nod. “Tap to enlarge.”
Maxwell took one look at the images on the phone and passed it to his boss with a very troubled look on his face.
Johnny stared at the phone a moment then looked at the woman. “You do realize what you’ve done?”
“Indeed, I do,” the woman nodded. “Chief Emmanuel will not be lifting a finger to help you now. You’re all alone and we’ll destroy you very quickly. My offer is good as long as I’m seated here, but once I get up and leave, that’s it.”
Johnny’s face darkened even more. “You and your mother think you people are powerful enough to grab everything in this city, don’t you?”
The woman smiled. “We are quite strong now, Johnny, and you will find that out when we take on your protector and his allies. And no, we don’t want everything in this city, just this club of yours and we are playing fair not grabbing. Take the money and walk away. Go build yourself another club somewhere else and we will not interfere as long as it’s not here in Lekki. You have my word.”
Johnny sighed tiredly. He thought quickly and reached a decision. “I want all the cash up front and I want protection.”
“Our lawyers will come to you tomorrow morning and fix the deal. If you want protection, you must become our loyal ally.”
Johnny nodded, all the hate gone from him now. “I want to be that.”
“Why?” asked the woman.
Johnny sighed again, relaxing now that the end of his problem was in sight. “Ever since your mother made her interest known in this club I always knew I would lose it eventually. Her power has been spreading too fast of late and her fairness to her allies is well known.” Johnny shrugged. “Let’s just say Chief Emmanuel is not that way, which leaves me dissatisfied in many areas.”
The woman nodded. “After the deal is done with this club you will be told what to do. Now, I will leave you to run the affairs here for just one more night.”
She stood up to leave and Bruce got up too, putting away the bottle he held on a side table.
Johnny stood up at once. “Why don’t you stay put a while and let me entertain you. We have a wonderful show coming up tonight.”
“Thank you, Johnny, but I don’t mix business with pleasure,” replied the woman coolly.
“You never told me your name, you know?” said Johnny, his admiration clear.
The woman smiled at him. “That’s because you were an enemy. You can call me Miss. Benson. Your first task for us is to call Chief Emmanuel and tell him we have his son. For proof give him the phoen we just gave you, it belongs to the boy. Keep us directly informed on all his moves if you can.”
Johnny nodded. “I will do as you ask.”

Without another word, the woman turned and walked away. Her men closed up around her immediately, following. Several of Jonney’s men followed too and they all moved off.

To Be Continued…..
*Action stories of wealthy African women in organized crime*


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