Queens of Dark Crimes ..Chapter 2…Episode 3

The Black Axe crime family. in a Black axe.

The meeting was to hold at ten o’clock that morning and the three men were already seated at the big glass-topped table in the large conference room of the Benson palatial mansion by then.

The men were all dressed smartly in dark suits but their powerful built, hard faces and eyes gave them away as something more than mere businessmen. These were the three top enforcers of the Black Axe Crime family and they were there at the summons of Miss. Benson, the soon-to-be-installed second-in-command of the family

Enforcers were like top generals or rather Sergeant-Majors, the toughest men in the army who made things happen, maintained discipline among the foot soldiers with a hard fist and made them all obey orders. The enforcers were all between thirty and forty years. Once past forty, enforcers become made-men – real businessmen. The family would set them up in legitimate business and, in addition to paying back a fair percentage of the profits, the made-men would provide employment cover and salaries to a number of soldiers. There were seven enforcers in the Black Axe Crime family but eleven made-men.

These men were the top three of the seven enforcers,  and Helen kept them waiting for over half an hour before she eventually came cat-walking through the big door into the room, looking gorgeous as always, dressed in brown figure fitting knee-length dress with sleeves, matching high heels, long hair falling all over her shoulders. Her watchful bodyguard was right behind her and the door closed firmly behind them

The three waiting men all stood up respectfully as Helen walked straight over to the head of the table and sat down in her mother’s chair.

At her nod, the three big men, Bruce Alake, James Hector, Yuri Jamiu, took their seats again.

Helen sat back in the high-backed swivel chair no one else dared sit in and stared at the three men sitting before her. They were all older than she was, very capable of putting her to the test or challenging her power, Helen’s lovely face had a cool expression on it but her beautiful eyes were hard as she searched the faces of each of the three men before her for the slightest sign of disrespect or displeasure. she’d learned well from her mother.
The three men stared expressionlessly back at her, waiting patiently for her words. They dared not make a false move. The boss had been very clear about the new status of her daughter.

Satisfied, Helen leaned forward and placed her arms on the glass-topped table. “You all know why we are here.”

The men all nodded.

Helen continued. “You people already know the task at hand and how quickly it is to be done. I want suggestions as to the best way to handle things quietly and efficiently.”

Hector, the second most senior enforcer sat directly to Helen’s left-hand side. The other two men sat across from him to her left. Hector knew Helen best and so spoke readily.

He shook his head. “There’s no such thing as quietly with this one. Once we touch Johnny, Don Emmanuel will come roaring out of his den like a lion whose tail has been pinched.”
Hector was a tall powerfully built man in his mid-thirties. He was fair-skinned and good looking, His hard eyes gave away nothing except a hint of the utter ruthlessness beneath.

Yuri nodded in agreement.  He was thirty-three, the youngest and least ranking of the three men but no less dangerous. He was a barrel-chested man with a huge bald head that was renowned for its incredibly powerful headbutts.

“Johnny is small fry. Him, we can handle but Don Emanuel is big trouble. Both of them combined are even bigger trouble with no quick ending to it.” said Yuri.

“We can take them both now,” said Bruce Alake in his deep hard voice. “We have the manpower, it just needs some major planning.”

Bruce Alake was thirty-seven, the most senior and most powerful of the enforcers. He was a powerfully built man with skin as dark as his soul was black. He was extremely dedicated and cunning, which was why he was Madam T’s top dog and most trusted general.

Helen shook her head firmly. “I don’t want a war. I want this done quietly and quickly. How many children does Chief Emanuel have?”

“About six I think?” replied Hector thoughtful.

“How many boys?” asked Helen.

“Two.” Hector held up two fingers. “They are both right here in Lagos.”

“Grab one or both before tonight when I go to see Johnny. Bruce, you and your best men come with me. Yuri, you’re in reserve. I want eyes on Emanuel’s house but keep your teams within striking distance of that club. You too Hector. All access and exit routes to the club are to be covered. If Johnny messes up we finish him tonight. understood?”

“Understood,” replied the men together., nodding.

Helen pushed back her chair and got to her feet, heading for the door. The three men stood quickly, respectfully. They watched her walk back across the room, her bodyguard, moving ahead to get the door open.

Helen walked straight out without a backward glance, her bodyguard followed and the door closed behind them.

The three men were alone then. All still standing. Bruce had a wide grin on his face. He looked over at Hector and nodded.

“You were correct,” he said. “She will do just fine.”

Chief Emmanuel Onuka was head of the fifth largest crime syndicate in Lagos. He had two sons. The matured one was already settled in the family business but the second one was still young. A wild stallion who needed to sow his wild oats and so was left free to roam and have fun.

Earnest Onwuka was twenty-three years old, with all the bad habits of a rich young man. As usual, he’d spent Wednesday night with two women in a room at the Hilton Lodge hotels. By late morning the next day, he paid off the girls and the hotel bills and went driving away for home in his expensive white Mercedes car.

He never made it home.

Both Ernest and his car vanished somewhere along the way.

To Be Continued…..
*Action stories of wealthy African women in organized crime*


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