CREATION VS EVOLUTION: Scientific and Spiritual Confirmation That Life Was Designed


We are right back again and a new book is here. This time, it’s non-fiction. “CREATION VS EVOLUTION: Scientific and Spiritual Confirmation That Life Was Designed” is the prize!

This is the theory of creationism and evolution presented in a unique way.


  • Sub Title: Scientific and Spiritual Confirmation That Life Was Designed
  • Genre: Science, Christain books
  • 46,600 word
  • Over 40 chapters and subchapters
  • Published: April 2018
  • Author: Pastor Ezikel King


This book deals with the baffling and infinitely complex issue of the origins of the life and world itself, a question no one, alive or dead, scientist, religious leader or individual, has ever been able to answer convincingly. None has ever been able to present clear proof of anything whatever, whether in support of creationism or evolution as the origin of life and world in which we live.

Religion merely offers up a perplexing story of a 7 day period of creation known as the Genesis. But science does even better with all manner of proof that all life forms and the world evolved spontaneously from nothing or a pot of natural soup as Charles Darwin literarily put it (he actually called a pond the pot of soup), which doesn’t make sense to the intelligent mind that stops to give the matter some deep thought.

For so long I did not know what to believe until I read this book, read it twice actually and then I desperately wanted to talk to the author.

CREATION VS EVOLUTION: Scientific and Spiritual Confirmation That Life Was Designed, authored by Pastor Ezechel King, a man with unbelievable knowledge and wisdom that goes beyond the physical, brings to you incredible facts about the origin of life and clear details of the events of creation that leave even the most intelligent mind staggered.

In this well-illustrated book, Rev. King examines deeply the theory of evolution and even the Big Bang, then pokes holes in them with a flawless skill that indicates a deep knowledge of science. Did you know that science has been lying to us about a lot of things? I had no idea until I read this book and saw the facts.  Not Pastor King’s facts mind you, I am talking about proven scientific facts disproving each other.

By the time you’re done reading the first 3 chapters of this book, you’ll get to realize that science has no idea what it is talking about most of the time but just covers that incompetence with even more theories. In fact, there a huge cover-up going on the world of science which sees the truth about life and nature always suppressed by powerful unions of scientists. The professors and Ph.D. holders can’t come out and tell us plainly that they have no answer to a subject like the origin of life and the world, can they?

The truth? The theory of evolution is best and most expensive guesswork in the history of mankind. Unfortunately, science has led us into believing that guesswork as reality. This was my position until I read this amazing book.

CREATION VS EVOLUTION: Scientific and Spiritual Confirmation That Life Was Designed – Creationism

The facts about science and its flaws are not surprising, though. Scientists have been lying to the world for ages. Most of us just are just ignorant of this. This book puts an end to that ignorance but it goes a few steps further by giving an answer to baffling questions.

There’s a whole section dedicated to explaining the true structure and vastness of the universe, how intelligent and perfect it all is, how lovely. When you understand the whole thing you get to see that such awesome perfection simply cannot be a product of chance! But there is more, something else that really got me very shaken. This book kept referring to this thing as God’s Hidden Signature of Ownership present in all creation.

The signature of God hidden in all things is finally made known.

Apparently, man is much like God. In that way we leave our signatures knowingly or unknowingly in all we do so does God in whose likeness we were created. We are talking about a very unique signature that is so deeply hidden that even science has failed to find it and yet it is right there, forming the basic structure of all things, form the mighty universe to the planets, the human body, bacteria and even the tiniest grain of sand on the seashore. The one who created them all put a signature in them, the same signature in all of them. It was part of the master plan by which all things were created in the beginning of time which is why it is there. You have clear pictures in the book as proof!


The Events of Creation-Creisonsim -Details of Genesis

Now here is where it gets very interesting indeed. This book gives very detailed information about the events of the creation from day 1 to day 7! Step by step information that explains things like why the dinosaurs appeared on earth and then vanished again, the great ice ages, the events in creation that gave rise to the scientific idea of evolution.  All this information is so staggering and yet accurate living one wondering as to where it came from, certainly not man.

In the book’s summary, the author claimed to have gotten the information special supernatural being who witness the events of creation. This puts this book well beyond the scope of ordinary human work.

Here is a summary of what you get in this book.

  • A deep examination of the famous theory of evolution and other such theories put forth by science to explain the origin of life. Errors are highlighted, images included.
  • A very detailed account of events of creation described in the Bible (creation science ‘creationism).
  • God’s signature of ownership in all things is revealed (creation science, creationism).
  • A detailed account of Science’s first attempt to create life in a laboratory.
  • Explained: the miracle that is the human DNA.
  • Explained: the true structure of the earth, planets and the Universe. Images included.
  • Why the dinosaurs appeared and disappeared from the Earth.
  • Details of the first war in Heaven.
  • A full account of the event of the temptation and fall of the First Man.
  • Mysteries of the world explained – the Bermuda Triangle, the endless oil-rich deserts of the Middle East, etc.
  • Why it happened: the birth of Christ, a supernatural being, by a mortal woman.
Considering its scope and magnitude of the information it carries, this book, CREATION VS EVOLUTION, can only be written by a powerful man of God with a solid understanding of Science and that is exactly who the author is.
This book was written in simple terms for all to understand and its message clear, lie, the world and all in it was planned and designed by a being so incredibly powerful and intelligent he touched nothing.

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