7 Important book writing Tools

7 Important book writing Tools

In other to write a wonderful book or article, even essays or letters, certain book writing tools or software are required.

These book writing tools are actually software that must be on your PC. You make extensive use of them from the first moment you begin to write form typing the first letter of the first word to the end when your work becomes a new book or article.
These book writing tools were mentioned in the previous article – How to write a wonderful Book –  but here we talk about them in detail and why you need them.

7 Important book writing Tools 

Below are the seven most important book writing tools you need when writing a book, letter, essay, article or note.

1. Microsoft Word (2010 edition or above)

There are a lot of book writing tools and software to be found in the technology market today but Microsoft Word, which is a component of the Microsoft Office Suite, is not only the most popular, it is also the best and most productive. The Microsoft Cooperation produces a new version of this software every three years but updates it on a monthly basis and so there are many versions of it in use today, from the 2003 version to the latest 2016 version, which I personally use. Important book writing Tools
Most late model computers come with the old 2003 to 2010 versions, most of which are technically free for online download now, but there is a catch. Not only are a lot of wonderful features missing in these older versions, but they are highly susceptible to viruses and malware, (this is actually how most malware and viruses take root in your computer) but above all things, they are, in most parts, not compatible with the requirements of modern websites. For example, if you write a book with Microsoft Word 2003 you will find it impossible uploading that document directly to online bookstores such as Amazon, which can be very frustrating. This holds true for all Microsoft Word versions released before the year 2010.
Make sure the Microsoft office suite you are using on your private computer is either the 2010 version or above. With these newer versions, you can do many things such as converting your work directly into so many formats such as PDF, HTML and Plain Text,. You can even embed high-quality images right into a document, design high-quality book covers, instantly locate where you stopped off in large documents, and even import a grammar editing tool of your choice.
7 Important book writing Tools

2. Dictionaries

Of course, we know what dictionaries are and what they are used for. Not many can boast of a Ph.D. in the English language and so we all need a dictionary to stay tuned up.
Interestingly, not all dictionaries are the same and so they often give slightly different interpretations of the same words or phrases. Reading up the same words from different dictionaries often gives far better insight into the meaning of the word or phrase being researched. 7 Important book writing Tools
Some dictionaries are brief in their explanations while others take a field day at it, this is all the more reason to have more than one dictionary in your private library.
Personally, as one of my book writing tools, I have four different dictionaries on my computer but my favorite two are the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary and Encarta dictionaries (another masterpiece from the Microsoft Corporation). I also have the huge Advanced English Dictionary and the Britannica Dictionaries. Trust me, there are times I need them all to find the meaning of just one word and I’m quite good in the English language. 7 Important book writing Tools

3. Encyclopedia

This another of the important book writing tools. It is mainly for quick research, offline research in particular. For example, if I am working and need to quickly find out a few thing about the ‘Alps mountains’ or ‘World War 2’, I go straight to my encyclopedia and not the internet, which can be a lot of trouble sometimes.
I have 2 different offline Encyclopedias on my PC; huge files with full videos chips in them so I can see what I seek live – the Britannica is one, but the Encarta.Encyclopedia is always my first choice because it’s much easier to use  The Microsoft Corporation are the makers of the entire Encarta suite, which is why it’s so good, I suppose. 7 Important book writing Tools

4. Grammar Editing Software

There are quite a number of these kinds of book writing tools and software and they all work differently. The most common of them is Grammarly, which features an addon for both Microsoft Word and some browsers. It is used to correct all grammatical errors within the body of a document, text or multiple texts.
Apart from Grammarly, all the other software are to be found online and not on your PC. So, technically, they do not belong here. We will talk about them in another article. 7 Important book writing Tools

5. Google Chrome

Ah, yes, the king of all the browsers! Yeah, you sure need it, and yeah, it is one of my book writing tools. As a layman, you might not find this browser much different from others but once you discover its hidden features you realize it is all in a class of its own.
Google Chrome is wonderful for research. Using different search engines alternatively, it helps you find things quickly and easily online and it even remembers exactly where you found them last in case you wish to return exactly there. One awesome thing about this browser, though, is that you can turn it into a grammar editing software and do your writing directly online. All you need do is visit the Chrome addon site and pick the editing addon of your choice. 7 Important book writing Tools

6. Photoshop

How can Photoshop be one of the book writing tools? This photo editing software is required to build the cover of your book or design an adequate photo for your article if need be.
For every book you write, you need to have a unique book cover image that tells the story by itself.
Normally, I would advise you contact a professional to design your book cover images and photos but if you have a command or even a basic understanding of this software, it is best to do it yourself so you get it just right.
I now design all my book covers myself after a terrible experience with so-called graphic design experts on Fiverr.com. Book writing tools.


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