True Stories Of Boko Haram: The Islamic Terrorists In West Africa

Muslim Religion In Pains: Terrorism - Haram

The first and only novel that captures the true-life stories of the terrible activities of the Islamic terror sect, Boko Haram, which has ravaged the countries of West Africa for decades is finally out.

The story is a captivating mix of romance, military action, adventure, terrorism, fiction, and reality.

Formerly Dirty Diamonds Of Boko Haram series (but renamed A Billionaire’s Ransom series) the story is authored by Eze King Eke and is a series that thrills the reader to no end …

A Dirty Diamonds Of Boko Haram In Summary

In the early sector of 2015, the extremist Islamic sect BOKO HARAM was declared the number one terrorist organization in the world, rising above Islamic state, ISIS and even Al-Queda. But fighting a full-fledged war with the military forces of the four different West African countries around the Lake Chad region, leaving millions of innocent people dead or homeless, BOKO HARAM had already occupied that position long before then.

That entire Lack Chad region is a war zone but the true stories of the horrors and atrocities of the Boko Haram Islamic sect are carefully kept suppressed by the governments of the nations in the region through the military and media.

However, a visit to the region will reveal the horrible truth and that was how the story, A Billionaire’s Ransom Series, was born…

Against all advice, a beautiful young heiress travels to the ancient city of Maiduguri, the chaotic capital of Borno state in the heart of the BOKO HARAM ravaged north-eastern region of Nigeria, in search of her missing businessman father. She soon disappears, the four corpses of her bodyguards turn up in a canal and a mega ransom demand is sent to her billionaire uncle by a faction of the BOKO HARAM terror group. Since neither the Nigerian Army nor the other elements of the JTF had been any help in the search for his missing elder brother, the girl’s billionaire uncle quietly puts together a team of mercenary soldiers led by an ex-Special Forces lieutenant to go into enemy territory to negotiate with the terrorists and rescue the girl. Boko Haram Islamic Terror Group In West Africa

Everything goes wrong from the beginning of the mission because everyone had a hidden agenda. The terrorists, looking to keep the ransom and the girl as a wife for their commander, laid a deadly ambush for the mercenaries.

Three influential billionaires, led by the girl’s treacherous uncles, want her dead in order to get their hands on her father’s vast wealth and business empire, to which she is sole heir. Boko Haram Islamic Terror Group In West Africa

None of them counted on the massive obstacle a single man could pose against their formidable resources. The ex-Special Forces Lieutenant becomes a one-man army as he fights night and day to keep the beautiful heiress safe from her enemies. She soon learns to cling to him for protection, and then also for love. She is smart, determined to find out what happened to her father and to rule his business empire in his absence…..

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Reaching from the highly populated urban city of Lagos in oil-rich southern Nigeria to the high luxury capital city of Abuja where billionaire business moguls rub shoulders with current power-drunk politicians, top military generals, and bureaucrats, this story continues on to the war-torn cities and rural countryside of the remote north-eastern lands of the Lake Chad region where the Islamic terrorist group, BOKO HARAM hold away, wetting the soil daily with the innocent blood of the thousands of helpless people they kill and many more thousands they render homeless as they battle the combined military forces of four countries. Boko Haram Islamic Terror Group In West Africa

This story unfolds with an explosiveness never seen before. It is the first novel ever written about the activities of the Boko Haram Islamic Terror Group ravaging the entire Sahel Savannah belt of West Africa and yet it is much, much more….

Story tags: Military action, Adventure, terrorism, Romance, Organised crime, Boko Haram, Islamic terror groups, terrorism, Action … more!

Start reading this book for free right here on this website by clicking on the link at bottom of this article. However, note that the story here is not kept updated as the books of the series, which are on sale on all major bookstores in the world. Luckily, the first book of this series is free. Get the download link of your choice here.

Boko Haram Islamic Terror Group In West Africa

Dirty Diamonds of Boko Haram Gets RENAMED!!!

On completion of the series, for reasons that are best known to the author, Dirty diamonds of Boko Haram was renamed. The new title of the series is now A Billionaire’s Ransom Series.

A Billionaire's ransom series

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Boko Haram Islamic Terror Group In West Africa


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