Big Cats Of The Amazon …Season 1 ….Episode 6

Continued From The Previous Episode: Season 1 … Episode 5

The jet leg I suffered after transcontinental flights were something I was still getting used to. I slept through to the early hours of the morning and then could sleep no more. After another refreshing shower, I turned my attention to my stuff and started unpacking.

I hung up my clothes in the big wardrobe and arranged other personal stuff in the right places on the dressing table and bedside table. This was going to be my home for a couple of months and so I had to be comfortable.
When I was done I got the gun box open and inspected my guns to make sure all was right.
I had come with three guns, two rifles, a semi-automatic pistol and lots of ammunition. There was a fine leather shoulder holster for the pistol, a telescopic lens for the rifle and my binoculars.
One of the rifles was a Mossberg 500 pump-action shotgun while the other was a Ruger American high accuracy rifle. It was the Ruger that used the telescopic sight.
You see, a hunter, or someone going hunting for real needs different guns for different kinds of game. While a shotgun was good enough, even preferable, in hunting table worthy antelopes or other such lesser game, it was no good for big game like Lions, Jaguars, leopards, elephants, hippos etc. Some of these big game was what I would be dealing with here in the Amazon jungles.
Firing a shotgun at a big cat like the Jaguar from a distance would only wound it, make it furious was more like, and then it would come for you in a hurry. To kill big game with a shotgun, you had to take several shots very quickly, hitting the most vulnerable areas of the animal’s body, and your ammo had to be heavy enough to penetrate their thick hide and do much damage otherwise you were a dead man.
Over in Africa, I’d seen a buffalo kill a man after taking not one, not two, but four shots from his shotgun. It was a terrible sight I would never forget.
In hunting, a lot depends on the kind of gun and ammunition you use but generally, for big game hunting, shotguns with normal ammunition make a mess of things and, most often than not, they fail to even deter the attack of a ferocious animal. Rifles were what you wanted. Rifles fired solid bullets which could tear straight through the tough skin and bone of big game and drop them dead in their tracks. The Ruger was it and I used soft-nosed bullets which tore a hole as big as a man’s fist in the animal on impact. I’d first learned the trick from hunters in North America were Grizzly Bears could take several bullets and still keep coming. I had seen a single shot of a soft-nosed bullet save a man’s life in Africa after an enraged Lion of incredible size defied several shots from his rifle.
I never joked with soft-nosed bullets now. They were always my choice of ammunition when going hunting, that and heavy buckshot for the shotgun. Even armed with such firepower, I still carried a pistol with me for insurance — some of these animals were unusually strong and crazy, you never know until you met them face to face.
The forests and plains of North America were bad, the jungles and plains of Africa were worse but the thick jungles of South American were supposed to be super terrible, this I had heard and so I had come well prepared.
Satisfied my guns were fine, I got dressed and headed downstairs.
It was about eight O’clock now and the lovely lady from yesterday was nowhere in sight nor was anyone else, but the slim guy was there behind the counter. I gave him my room keys and a ‘no’ to his inquiry of my having a breakfast then left the hotel on foot.

This was the better part of town and so I easily found a cab at the plaza to take me to the American Embassy further uptown, I had fixed an appointment with the Consul.

One lesson I had learned on my travels; it was always wise to get the scope of the situation in a new country from the horse’s mouth before you go running around the countryside with guns.

To Be Continued…..

*Adventures of a tough American millionaire going hunting in the dangerous Amazon jungles*

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