Big Cats Of The Amazon (Literature) Season 1

Big Cats of the Amazon is the fascinating story of a tough American millionaire’s adventures through the highly dangerous Jungles of the Amazon.
This is one man who loves to travel, hunt dangerous animals, take risks and explore both nature and women.

Big Cats Of The Amazon (Literature) Season 1

Zack Alan wasn’t always rich but since his fortunes turned, he had been able to dedicate more time to his passions and that included adventures. He’d hunted in the United States, been to Africa but what he found in the Jungles of the Amazon was worse or rather so interesting that he wrote about it all — from the big four-legged cats in the Jungles  (the Jaguar) to the beautiful two-legged cats in the cities (lovely Latino women).
But there is much more. The jungles of Honduras are among the most dangerous and impregnable in the world. Most of those Jungles are virgin territory, completely untouched and unexplored by modern man. The whole Jungle is crawling with game but also to be found are isolated villages, strange tribes, even stranger are the unknown ‘cat’ people who do not tolerate other humans beings and traces of an unknown civilization, overgrown by the forest,
Guided by the best hunter in the country, Zack spent over 3 months in the deepest reaches of those unexplored jungles, taking breaks in the capital city of Honduras.

Big Cats Of The Amazon (Literature) Season 1

This bit of masterpiece is dedicated to my American and European fans who are not particularly attracted to African literature such as the series breaking on this blog, Crime Incorporated or even Ruthless Betrayals. This is to show that my talents are not restricted to Africa but must be classified as ‘without bounds’. As you read this work, share your comments below and I will answer every question there is.

Big Cats Of The Amazon (Literature) Season 1


I’m sure most of you never read the article on Honduras. You might want to do so again before I post the next season of this story. You need to understand where we are going, exactly how dangerously and interesting it can be. Unlike the other breaking series, this one is unique, fascinating and appeals to the deeper mind.


Fanny, this thing called money.
When you had little of it, the money could never be managed because there was never enough. But when you had so much of it, the money literally took care of itself. I know exactly what I’m talking about because just fifteen months ago, I had been so poor it hurt to get out of bed each day and face the world. But today, thanks to a dead uncle on my late mother’s side I didn’t even know existed until about a year ago, I was worth a hundred and twenty-one million dollars plus a big house in Bel Air.
My stockbrokers, who I also inherited from my dead uncle, took care of all my money and they did such a good job of it too. Their fees were high but quite reasonable considering their top-notch services. There was always fresh chunks of money entering my accounts independent of my net worth, which was actually my ever-increasing capital investments. No matter how heavily I spent now, my bank accounts never got empty like before, but when I didn’t spend anything, the money just kept piling up. The whole thing was amazing to me but who was I to question good fortunes from above?
Hudson Investments, that was the name of my stockbrokers and their offices were in downtown Los Angeles. Just like my late uncle before me, I had learned to trust Mr. Hudson who ran the prestigious firm with his Harvard-trained son, but unlike my late uncle, I gave them a freer hand in things, which was why I was headed to their offices that morning. They wanted to buy me a whole company up Canada with a factory attracted to it. The deal was big and so they required my full legal approval to see things through and make certain changes in the company. My Ivy League lawyers, also inherited, were involved too.
I had left my SUV parked back in a garage on West 4th Street and was slugging it out on foot. Aside from the obvious extra exercise and priceless Vitamin D from the late morning sun, traffic in downtown L.A could be one hell of a jam and I didn’t want to get trapped since I had other stuff to do in town.
When finally, I got to the fancy glass and concrete high-rise building where both my stockbrokers and lawyers had offices at almost ten o’clock. I boycotted the elevators as usually and took the stairs all the way up to the 29th floor were the offices of my stockbrokers where. By the time I made it up there my legs were aching but the exercise was perfect.  I was thirty-two, six feet two in height and powerfully built with solid arms and shoulders. I never messed with my fitness, particularly with the age piling up. Loretta, the pretty green-eyed blond who worked as Mr. Hudson’s PA, was right there at meet me to meet me, she knew my habits by now.

Loretta eyed me up and down with distaste. I was dressed in an expensive dark suit and red shirt but no tie, which always seemed to displease her.

“Hello, Lori,” I said, leaning against the wall a bit to rest my aching legs.

“You’re late and you have no tie on,” she said.
I spread my hands innocently.  “The lateness couldn’t be helped but I could go back down now and buy a tie somewhere if you want.”
Loretta rolled her lovely green eyes and started down the hallway. “Come with me, they’re waiting.”
She led the way, high heels clicking on the marble floor at every step. Lori was, thirty-four, a happily married mother of three, so I never messed with her, moreover, she wasn’t my type. We went straight to the conference room where old man Hudson, his fat son and Lex Rogan, my sharp lawyer waited.

It took them the better part of two hours to explain the whole business to me in details while I sat comfortably in the big high-backed swivel chair at the head of the conference table, enjoying their free coffee and delicious pies.

By twelve o’clock, I’d had enough so signed the papers they put before me and got the hell out of there.

Out on the streets again, I headed straight for the bank where it took me less than half an hour to make available the funds I wanted in certain new offshore accounts, and then, I was on the move again, this time for the fashion district. I found the store I was looking for quickly enough, I’d gotten the address online days ago. I bought a nice pair of solid black leather army boots, tough black combat trousers, two pairs of jeans and shirts to go. At another store, I picked the leather gloves and powerful hunting I wanted, and finally, got a nice all weather digital wristwatch and I was done.

I got a cab and headed uptown to get my SUV.

In about a week, I would be going hunting in some of the most dangerous and underexplored jungles in the world, the jungles of Central America. This wasn’t my first hunting expedition, of course, in the last year alone I had been to two different hunting grounds in the US and one safari in Africa, I loved hunting a lot and now that I had both the money and time, I did it in style. All my trips so far had been great but too many people had done the same so I hungered for something different, a fresh challenge, something I could write about that would grab lots of attention. A traveling agent had suggested the Amazon jungles but the prospect wasn’t that appealing at first because I knew for sure that much of the Amazon, which was located in Brazil, had been destroyed by man, but what I didn’t know was that the heavy Amazon rain forests actually covered a huge area of the American contents that reached well beyond the borders of Brazil and into sparsely populated Central America where most of it was completely virgin. In an age where hunting was being overexploited in many lands, with dozens of tour companies offering special hunting trips, there was no such thing in Honduras, the Central American country where the Amazon Jungles were thickest. Only two professional hunters were to be found in all Honduras, willing to take people on hunting trips into the dangerous Jungles. I had booked the best of the two, the one with the better reputation of keeping his customers alive.

By four o’clock, I was headed home in my SUV, a shiny new black Cadillac Jeep that made driving long distances very enjoyable. Once in Beverly Hills, I headed for Bel Air where my home was.
The house my uncle had left me was a masterpiece of a two-story mansion on spacious grounds with lots of trees around. It was always a pleasant sight, which I never tired of admiring but the Ford car parked there at the end of the driveway before the house as I drove up didn’t please me at all.

I parked the Cadillac carefully and got the shopping bags out of the backseat. As I walked up to the front door, it opened and my middle-aged, African-American housekeeper, Mrs. Dean, was there with a worried look on her face.

“She said it was about your daughter and it was important. I had to let her in to wait for you since you wouldn’t pick her calls,” said Mrs. Dean quickly as I came up to her.

I nodded and released the shopping bags to her. “Where is she?”

“In the front living room,” said Mrs. Dean and jerked her head in the direction.

I headed for the living room.

The intruder was my ex-wife who had dumped me a year and a half ago and taken up with some engineer up in Santa Monica. That happened after I got fired from my job at a PR firm and the bills started mounting. Marlene was a temperamental beauty I had been married to for six years. I had worked my ass off daily to provide for her and the lovely daughter she’d given me but the little I made never seemed to satisfy her and eventually, she’d left me for another man, taking my daughter with her. Her new relationship hadn’t worked out, of course, particularly after I came into my fortune just months later. Marlene had wasted little time in coming back into my life, but this time, with her lawyers, demanding a good chunk of my inheritance. The legal battle raged for months as she dragged me up and down and through the courts but she eventually lost. I hadn’t seen her in two months and there had been peace in my life all that time. That she was here now meant new trouble, or perhaps a change in strategy.

When I walked into the living room, Marlene stood to the far side, staring at an expensive painting on the wall. She saw me at once and turned to me, dressed superbly as usual in a lovely figure fitting blue dress and matching high heels.

Marlene wasn’t like the regular narrow hipped white ladies who preferred to stay slim or rather thin. She was tall, full-bodied and curvy with big wide hips, just like I loved my women, and then, there were the natural good looks.

I walked to the middle of the room and stopped as she cat walked slowly forward to meet me. There was a time I was crazy about this woman, but not anymore. Still, my eyes went to her body like it always did in the past. She had added some weight and somehow looked even better.
She stopped a few feet from me and put her hands together in front of her. “Hello, Jack.”

I moved my eyes from her body up to her face.

“What do you want?” I asked coldly. “And don’t tell me it has to do with Victoria because I saw her at school yesterday and she was fine.”

“It’s about your daughter and it’s about you,” said Marlene, her expression cool but honest. ‘I don’t want you to see me as a gold digger anymore but as the mother of your child. The alimony you pay is enough to take care of your daughter directly but it doesn’t keep the roof over our heads nor does it help much in any other way. I cannot get a job I like here so if you don’t provide a house and a better allowance for me and your daughter, we will have to move to New York to stay with my sister.” Marlene stared at me. “Are you prepared to have your daughter grow up without you in her life?”

I sighed heavily and looked away from her. A simple question like that had nailed me where a bunch of dedicated vampire lawyers couldn’t in several months of trying.

I went over and sat down on a sofa and Marlene did the same, sitting on the nearby sofa, watching me.

I reached a decision easily enough, my seven-year-old daughter was the apple of my eyes right now. Hell, there was no other woman of importance in my life apart from her.

“Where do you want to live?” I asked looking over at Marlene.
“Venice,” she replied.
“Millionaire Venice or gangbanger Venice?” I already knew the answer but asked anyway.

Marlene inclined her head and lifted an eyebrow but said nothing.

I took a deep breath. “Alright, you’ll get your house, fully furnished, and the money too. But it will all be in Victoria’s name.”

“That’s ridiculous!” fired Marlene at once.

I shrugged. “That’s exactly how buying you a house sounds in my ears. Everything you get from me from here on will be in Victoria’s name, which is why you are getting it in the first place anyway. Moreover, I don’t want any of your future boyfriends getting ideas about who the landlady is. Take it or leave it. If you reject it, I dare say I can live for a few years until Victoria gets old enough to come looking for me on her own, you can’t stop her then. The whole set up will even suit me perfectly right now. I need some space for new girlfriends of my own, you know.”

Marlene suddenly looked frustrated and angry at the same time, but she wasn’t one to throw away free gifts or good money.

“I want the house as soon as possible,” she said.

“Agreed. We’ll go see my lawyers tomorrow morning and fix everything. I’m also getting unlimited access to my daughter.”

Marlene gave me a funny look. “Are you sure you don’t want unlimited access to her mother too?”

I abruptly stood up and walked away, heading for the stairs.

“My housekeeper will let you out,” I threw back over my shoulder. “See you tomorrow without your damned lawyer. The deal is off if you bring him.”

I went upstairs without a backward glance.

To Be Continued…..

*Adventures of a tough millionaire going hunting in the dangerous Amazon jungles*

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