11 Best Grammar Checker and Editing Tools To Correct All Writing Mistakes

11 Best Grammar Checker and Editing Tools To Correct All Writing Mistakes

Best Grammar Checker and Editing Tools To Correct All Writing Mistakes – part 2

The number one problem people face when writing, particularly when the document is quite long like with books, stories, lengthy article, essays, emails, or letters, are grammatical errors.

Naturally, when one goes about extensive or even short article writing, the mind concentrates wholly on the creation of the document and not its correction. This is why it is important to always reread when we finish writing – to find and correct all the errors. Unfortunately, not many love to do this or have the patience for it, yet the fact remains that no reader enjoys anything with lots of grammatical errors in it. Whether you are an author, blogger, journalist or even a regular person writing, publishing any document with grammatical errors will hurt you rather than help.

How To Correct All Grammatical Errors In Your Writing – Best Grammar Checker and Editing Tools

Proficiency in the English language does not guarantee a 100% writing accuracy at all times because the mind is not perfect, particularly when distracted in any manner. This problem becomes even worse when the English language is a second language to someone, the grammatical errors in writing are colossal.

Authors are the most affected by this problem of grammatical errors and since editing or proofreading our own work adequately is so difficult, if not impossible due to certain psychological facts, we hire independent editors or proofreaders just to get past this problem of grammatical errors.


Interestingly, there are certain tools or software that can help us get past all these problems and quickly too.

11 Best Grammar Checker and Editing Tools To Correct All Writing Mistakes

Outlined below are some of the best grammar editing software available online. Most are free but some are not.

1. Microsoft Word Correction Tool

This dedicated grammar editing tool is only present in Microsoft Word 2010 version and above. When activated, it fishes out all grammatical errors in your document, one after the other. It is much more powerful than the normal grammar correction tool found in older versions Microsoft Word which underlines mistakes with red or blue lines, prompting you to correct them.

However, always bear in mind that this tool, which is activated by clicking on a rectangular icon at the bottom left section of an open Microsoft Word document, is only about 90% accurate as it completely overlooks some mistakes, and this is sometimes very annoying. For better results, you need a more dedicated grammar editing software and I think Microsoft do realize their shortcomings,, why else would they create space in the Microsoft Word program for the addition of another grammar editing tool?

2. Grammarly (Ginger)

This tool is one of the best grammar checker tools out there. It is actually a browser version of the Ginger software. It is my favorite grammar correction tool, particularly when writing directly online. I have its addon installed in my Google Chrome browser and if follows me around everywhere on the internet – whether I’m writing an article, posting on Twitter or Facebook. This tool is much better than that of Microsoft Word, and it keeps my grammar close to perfect as possible – there is a downside though: its ability to fail with any disturbance in internet connections or network strength. Hence, it can tell you a certain body of text is error-free right now and ten minutes later when you check back, lo and behold, there are a dozen errors!
Nonetheless, Grammarly software does have a grammatical error detection accuracy of 98%, which makes it one of the best grammar correction tools online. This software is mostly free but has a premium version it never stops advertising within the free version. Highly recommended.
Best Grammar Checker Editing Tools Correct All Writing Mistakes

3. Ginger 

The Ginger Software is an innovative tool that is particularly good for people with weaknesses in the English language or those who speak it as a second language. It has built-in features that help improve such people’s English greatly. This software is mainly free and once downloaded and installed on your computer, can be integrated into Microsoft Word, Notepad, WordPad, browsers or even the Blogger post editor. Its accuracy is high but the drawback is that, sometimes, the software crashes on PCs with newer operating systems – Windows 8 and above.
11 Best Grammar Checker and Editing Tools To Correct All Writing Mistakes

4. GrammarBase

This is another good one I use. GrammarBase is a top-notch Grammar editing tool or software to be found online. It is completely free and doesn’t even need you to sign up to use. All you do is copy your text or document and paste it into the available field on the software’s website, hit ‘start checking’ and it will highlight all errors. Click on any of the highlighted errors o see all associating suggestions. You will have the opinion to apply or reject them.
This tool is a bit more complex than other grammar checkers mainly because it doesn’t just check for grammar, punctuation and spelling errors, etc., but scans deeper for obscure mistakes, such as dangling modifiers, and quantifiers, unclear antecedents, and more.
11 Best Grammar Checker and Editing Tools To Correct All Writing Mistakes

5. Polish My Grammer (pro)

PolishMyGrammar is a professional and user-friendly grammar editing tool that is best described as superb. Amazingly, it is also free. To use this tool, go to their website, copy and paste your text into the Textbox provided and click on the ‘Check writing” button. All grammatical errors will be highlighted in seconds and clicking on any allows you see suggestions with the opinion to correct or ignore them. 11 Best Grammar Checker and Editing Tools To Correct All Writing Mistakes

6. Spell Checker

Spell Checker offers its top-notch services in more than 125 languages and yet it is still completely free. Indeed, this is one of the best Grammar editing tools online. I love this one mostly because of the truckload of improvement suggestions it offers after each scan. All you do is copy and paste your text or article into the given text box and hit the ‘start check’ button. In a second, a pop-up dialog box appears and you can start correcting your grammar errors right off.
11 Best Grammar Checker and Editing Tools To Correct All 

7. ProofReadbot 

This tool, ProofReadbot, is not really free and so has a limit to it – one proofread each week with a 600-word cap. To use the unlimited version of this tool requires an upgrade to premium (where you have to purchase packages) and this gives you access to other tools such as grammar checker, style checker and plagiarism checker, etc.
This tool is rather expensive if you are a startup writer or blogger but sharing it with your friends on Facebook gets you 25 free proofreads while submitting an error it overlooked gets you a 2500 word proofread!
This is one site that is always expanding and being kept up-to-date by the experience of thousands of users who submit errors daily. 11 Best Grammar Checker and Editing Tools To Correct All Writing Mistakes

8. PaperRater

PaperRater is a high perfuming Grammar editing tool that does its job by scanning your work directly online for everything from grammatical errors, spelling, and proofreading checks to plagiarism. This is one of the two software I use to catch those thieving bloggers who love to steal my work because they are just too lazy to create theirs. No matter the country, platform or secrecy involved in the theft, this software catches them in seconds and tells me exactly where to look – furnishing me with the website’s name and the article’s URL even as it checks my work for grammatical errors.

PaperRater is particularly good for long articles or text documents. It gives you suggestion on improvements on all errors found after each scan.
11 Grammar Checker and Editing Tools To Correct All Writing Mistakes
9. After the Deadline 

This software, After the Deadline, is an online editor that scans for grammar, style, and spelling errors. The site on which this tool is located uses a model of contextual spell checking that makes it less likely to miss those words that are technically spelled rightly but used out of context.

This software is not only free for personal use but easily integrates with some blogging platforms like WordPress, which makes it very useful to business owners and bloggers.
11 Best Grammar Checker Editing Tools for All Writing Mistakes
10. SlickWrite
This software, SlickWrite, is a powerful online grammar checker. You copy and paste your content into the box on the website or you just type it in and hit ‘check writing’. The site will highlight all errors in your work — grammar, spelling, structure, punctuation, use of tense, and much more.
This content editing and proofreading tool is indeed one of the fastest to be found online but what makes it really cool is that you can customize its settings to omit things you don’t want to be corrected or have corrections isolated as you go. 11 Best Grammar Checker and Editing Tools To Correct All Writing Mistakes

11. 1Checker

This software, 1Checker is actually a free site that scans your texts for both grammar and spelling errors. In addition to a basic online checker, 1Checker offers plugins for Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, and your browser. You can also get certain document templates on the site.

Though technically free, you must sign up to access the features of the site. 11 Best Grammar Checker and Editing Tools To Correct All Writing Mistakes


Whether you are an author, writer, blogger or just a regular person who writes long letters, emails or essays now and then, these Grammer editing tools will definitely be of use to you.
A word-perfect document certainly carries more authority and clear understanding, even enjoyment, than one full of grammatical errors. 11 Best Grammar Checker and Editing Tools To Correct All Writing Mistakes


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