The Bermuda Triangle Mystery – Another Plane Goes Missing

Bermuda triangle mystery

The Bermuda Triangle Mystery – Part 1

Just a few hours after a private plane carrying four occupants went missing on the high seas south of Florida, the US Coast Guard has announced the discovery of a debris field in the region.

Interestingly, the location of this large debris field close to the Bahamas, which is just within the boundaries of the mysterious Bermuda Triangle, one of the greatest mysteries of the world.

A helicopter involved in the massive search and rescue mission launched by the United States Coast Guard, made this discovery at about 3 pm, local time, Tuesday, 15 miles due east of Eleuthera

The US authorities have confirmed that the private aircraft, a Mitsubishi MU-2B plane was carrying four people — Nathan Ulrich, 52, founder of Xootr, a scooter and bike manufacturing firm, and 40-year-old Jennifer Blumin, founder, and CEO of Skylight Group, an event development firm, she had her tow son’s with her –  4-year-old Phineas, and two-year-old, Theodore.

Air traffic control at Miami airport alerted the Coast Guard after losing radar and radio contact with the plane on Monday while it was at 24,000 feet.

Although records indicate that the plane, a 1963 MU,-had been in several accidents before, two this year alone, every attention is focused with little hope on the region in which it went down, the Bermuda Triangle, a region that has been classified as one of the world’s greatest mysteries.. the Bermuda triangle mystery.

The Bermuda Triangle Mystery

Sometimes called the Devil’s Triangle, the Bermuda Triangle is a loosely-defined area in the western region -of the stormy North Atlantic Ocean that has been blamed for the complete disappearance of an incredible 75 planes and hundreds of ships without a trace over a period of more than half a century.

On the average, at least a thousand people have vanished (and presumed dead) in Bermuda Triangle through the last one hundred years. On average, 4 planes and 20 ships always go missing each year.

This region is one of the most traveled shipping lanes in the world, with ships crossing through it frequently on their way to and fro between the ports in the Americas, Europe, African and the Caribbean islands. Pleasure craft and cruise ships, regularly go through the region, as do commercial and private aircraft routinely fly over it. Once or twice every few years, a craft vanishes into thin air.
In the year 1964, Vincent Gadd defined the boundaries in which these strange events occurred and realized that it was actually in the form of a triangle, which touched three different nations …
1. Miami City, Florida peninsula,
2. San Juan, Puerto Rico
3.The island of Bermuda in the mid-Atlantic.
The triangle which covers a huge area of about 3,900,000 km2 (about 1,510,000 square miles).was named the Bermuda triangle
Bermuda triangle mystery

In all these decades since then, several ships and planes have still been going missing without a trace. The most famous of these cases is Flight 19, a group of five U.S. Navy torpedo bombers out on a training mission but then all suddenly vanished within this particular Bermuda triangle region.

The latest of these mysterious disappearances seems to be this case of this Mitsubishi MU-2B plane carrying Nathan Ulrich, 52, founder of Xootr, a scooter, and bike manufacturing firm, and 40-year-old Jennifer Blumin, founder, and CEO of Skylight Group, an event development firm -she had her two sons with her –  4-year-old Phineas, and two-year-old, Theodore.

Have There Ever Been Survivors

There have never been any known survivors of Bermuda disappearance cases. Usually, the ship or plane vanishes completely and sometimes, debris are found but never a survivor to tell a story of what happened and this is why the whole thing is still a mystery to date.

Bermuda triangle mystery

The Likely Cause of the Mystery

The likely cause of these mysteries within the region is not clear. Scientists claim that stormy blasts caused by air bombs flip ships into the ocean and bring aircraft crashing down into the sea. it is said that these winds are powerful they enough to generate 45ft high waves.
Other scientists claim that the air bombs are actually methane gas released deep under the sea, which shoots up through the water with great force,

No one can say for sure but the fact that some of the deepest sections of the earth and entire oceans are located here in the debts of Bermuda is in no doubt.

The Bermuda Triangle remains one of the most mystifying places on earth. Bermuda triangle mystery


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