In A Bed Of Roses -Red Rose Short Story

In A Bed Of Roses -Red Rose Short Story

Bed Of Roses short story romance story Red Rose

In A Bed Of Roses -Red Rose Short Story

Location – USA

Genre – Romance.

Word Count 1036. Enjoy!

In A Bed Of Roses -Red Rose Short Story

Eric Clay was a 35-year-old business executive with a big international firm based in New York. For 6 years he had worked his ass off to build his career and his sweat was beginning to pay off. Last week, the promotion he had wanted, so badly and for so long, had finally come and now he was just a step from his dream of becoming a vice president of his firm. He was now his own man and money was no longer a problem.

Everything was correct now except one. His personal life. It was high time he got married, he was sick and tired of coming home, all tired and empty after a long hectic business trip, to be greeted by an empty house and a cold bed. He needed a woman in his life on a permanent basis, and not just any woman. He wanted Sophie in his life, body and soul yearned for her now.

Sophie was a very attractive 27-year-old blue-eyed blond who worked as a teacher in down in New Jersey. Eric loved Sophie so much that he drove down to New Jersy to be with her as much as he could whenever he was in town. He liked to be with her a lot and she pleased him greatly in all things. They had been a couple for almost four years now and the fact that he traveled so often on business didn’t matter. Their bond was strong.

In A Bed Of Roses short story romance story Red Rose

Eric’s flight in from London touched down on schedule at the JFK international airport, New York, late that Tuesday morning and he found his car waiting in the airport parking lot where he’d left if three days ago. He got into the Cadillac jeep and drove off, heading directly into the city. of New York.

He had no plans of heading home. He made a stop at a jewelry store and another at a florist, then headed straight for the bridge and across into the city of New Jersey.

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Sophie lived in a well-furnished apartment on the top floor of a highrise building in a nice area of town. Eric had leased and furnished the place himself, so he had a key. He let himself into the apartment and headed for the bedroom. He’d bought an expensive enjoyment ring and the best bunch of roses he could find to go with it.

In A Bed Of Roses short story romance story Red Rose

He set it all up carefully on the bed and went out into the balcony to hide, relaxing with a bottle of wine. Sophie would soon be back home from work and he wanted to surprise her.

He did not wait for long.

About half an hour later, the front door opened and Sophie Roberts entered. She dropped her things on a sofa in the living room and headed off to the kitchen to get herself a glass of cold water. It had been a hot day at work and she was so thirsty. Afterward, she headed for the bedroom to take off her clothes and take a shower.

In A Bed Of Roses short story romance story Red Rose

Sophie walked in through the door of the bedroom and froze in her tracks with shock, her handbag fell to the floor, spilling its contents.


The entire bedroom was covered with red rose petals. They were everywhere, both on the floor and on the big bed! The white sheets on the big bed were covered with red rose petals except for the middle area. The red rose petals were carefully arranged to form a large heart-shaped love symbol in the middle of which was an open jewel case with a glittering large diamond ring. Small rose petals were arranged next to the jewel case to form the words…

In A Bed Of Roses short story romance story Red Rose

‘Will you marry me?”

In A Bed Of Roses short story romance story Red Rose

Sophie let out a scream of joy and clapped her hands together excitedly. She grabbed her handbag on the floor and rummaged frantically in it for her phone. She found the phone and forgot the bag on the floor again as she went over to the bed to get a better look at the large diamond ring. She dialed quickly on the phone and put to her ear.

In a moment, the call was answered.

“Oh, Josh,” she cried. “Yes, yes, yes, I will marry you.”

“What are you talking about?” came the male voice over the phone.

“Your marriage proposal, it’s so romantic,” said Sophie. “I accept with all my heart.”

“What in hell are you talking about? What marriage proposal?” asked the voice again.

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“The ring and the flowers you left on my bed, I just saw it,” said Sophie.

“Sophie, it’s too early in the day to be drunk,” came the reply. “I haven’t been in your apartment since l left there this morning and I certainly did not place any imaginary rings and flowers on the bed before leaving.”

“Oh… then who… who could have –,”

“It was me,” came another male voice in the room.

Sophie jerked around to and stared in horror as Eric stepped through the balcony doors into the bedroom. The phone dropped right out of her hand and shattered to pieces on the floor as both hands flew up to cover her open mouth. She took several steps backward in fear as she saw the terrible look on Eric’s face.

In A Bed Of Roses short story romance story Red Rose

Eric stared at the woman he had dated for four years and was about to marry. The only woman he had ever loved with all his heart. He felt like beating her to death there and then with all the bitterness and anger in his heart, but he didn’t do it. Eric wasn’t a violent man.

What he did was walk away. He walked away without a word or backward glance. He went out of the bedroom, out of the apartment and out of her life.

In A Bed Of Roses short story romance story Red Rose
The End
In A Bed Of Roses short story romance story Red Rose
In A Bed Of Roses – short story romance story Red Rose

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