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A Billionaire’s Ransom (The Complete Series)

A Billionaire's Ransom (The Complete Series)

A Billionaire’s Ransom Series, the first complete series and second work of a talented author, is a thrilling action-adventure novel series made up of three very interesting books.

  • Title: A Billionaire’s Ransom
  • Number of Books in series: 3
  • Average Chapters Per Book: 14 (Minimum)
  • Average Words Per Book: 53,600 (Minimum)
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Espionage, Crime, Terrorism
  • Author: Eze King Eke

The first and second books of this series were originally published under the title Dirty Diamonds of Boko Haram. However, with the release of the third book in the series came the change in title. I’m sure the author will tell you why but I’m here to tell you about the story itself.

Yeah, the story. It’s simply amazing. It’s action and adventure from the first page to the last – every book in the series is that way. The best part is the author’s writing style. He writes in a way that puts readers right inside the story. It’s like it’s happening all around you, a reality!

Did I mention the story is based on true life events?

A Billionaire’s Ransom Series – Summary

Set in the turbulent West African country of Nigeria, the story takes us through several major cities (some of which have great historical and natural values, which the author explains in a most eloquent and entertaining manner) to the war-torn chaos of the Northeast where the Islamic terror sect, Boko Haram, reigns supreme.

The characters are rich and very original, which is not surprising given that this is in part a true-life story, But we still have to give the author a lot of credit. He laid it on pretty nicely.

We’ve got a daredevil ex-Special Forces commando who takes on three ruthless billionaire business tycoons who will stop at nothing in their greed for more wealth. They’ve got a small army of criminals to do all the dirty work for them and their network of connections includes top politicians, military generals, and terrorists.

But not all terrorists work for them… there are the extremely dangerous Boko Haram Commanders, and a wanted Islamic State fighter operating on a whole new different level that has even the Nigerian Army struggling to keep up.

In the middle of all this is the stubborn young heiress to a fortune so vast it puts her life in a lot of danger from different sources. So does her incredible beauty. A lot of powerful people were after her, and there was nowhere to hide. Her lovely mother was completely helpless in a long war that had already claimed the life of her husband, even with an army of bodyguards to protect their family.

The two lovely women needed a lot of protection from powerful enemies and only one man could give them that.. was willing to give them that. But he had a price!

This story begins with the massacre of an entire village and the brutal murder of an international diamond smuggler in the remote, arid lands of the mighty Sahara Desert where civilization does not exist and violence is the law. This led to a chain of reactions that sent ripples through several cities around the country.

A bizarre power play begins, characterized by more brutal murders, kidnappings, betrayals, torture, and the biggest manhunt ever launched by the Boko Haram terror group in the entire region of West Africa.

How did it all end? Well, you’ll have to get the books and read to find out for yourself. The author has even made the first book in the series free to help you on your way!

Book Availability

A Billionaire’s Ransom Part 1 is free. You can either download a PDF copy of the book or read it for free via the link below.

Download PDF copy or Read A billionaire’s Ransom part 1.

Getting The complete Series

The titles of the three books that make up A Billionaire’s Ransom series are…

  • A Billionaire’s Ransom Part 1
  • A Billionaire’s Ransom Part 2
  • A Billionaire’s Ransom Part 3

To get them all, please follow any of the links below to your bookstore of choice anywhere in the world.

Purchase A Billionaire’s Ransom Series On Okadabooks

Readers in Africa can get the entire series on Okadabooks. Please visit the Author’s Okadabooks Page to find all his books in one place.

Having issues using Okadabooks? Contact the author directly for special delivery to your email.

Purchase on Amazon

Links to each book on three major Amazon platforms are provided below as well as the ASIN numbers of the eBook and paperback versions.

You can use the ASIN numbers to find each book on any other Amazon platform of your choice by copying and pasting it into the search bar there.

A Billionaire’s Ransom Part 1



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Smashwords readers can get all the author’s books at Author Page Eze200

Happy reading!!

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